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mmeece's latest activity

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    mmeece replied to the thread Interpreting camp invite emails.
    I was shocked at how many 2020s weren't signed last summer (much less this fall) after everything I had heard in prior years. I know...
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    That‘s not what I said at all. I said it depends on what metric you are using. Quantity or quality. Expansion of the sport is a great...
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    For most players 'Official Visits' are really at the end of the recruiting for a school - it is like the very last step. You have done...
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    I think you nailed it. SO MANY coaches/teachers/employers have missed this. They are offended when they aren't offered a level of...
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    mmeece replied to the thread How much practice is too much?.
    Take advice with a grain of salt. Your kid isn't their kid and each one has different needs and capabilities. My dd simply can't...
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    mmeece reacted to Comp's post in the thread Appeal play? with Like Like.
    No you shouldn't be able to see anything from the umpire that would tell you the runner missed the base. Umpires are never to tip either...
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    mmeece replied to the thread Appeal play?.
    I know you're correct and you certainly know the mechanic. I'm just curious, would either team would be able to tell from the proper...
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    You might ask around to see if there is a parent near your area of a recently graduated pitcher who had good mechanics. Sometimes they...
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    mmeece replied to the thread Bullet Spin and no movement.
    For many pitchers (maybe most?) bullet spin will result in their fastest pitch. Notice I said FASTEST, not BEST. That certainly could...
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    I think people confuse non-parent for completely fair and neutral, which just isn't humanly possible. We all develop relationships with...
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    mmeece replied to the thread Hitting.
    I think far too many people get focused on full distance BP. Even most MLB teams rarely work full distance BP off of movement pitches...
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    mmeece reacted to The Man In Blue's post in the thread interference by 3rd base coach?? with Like Like.
    One thing I have learned and really tried to focus on in the last few seasons ... We can rule on what is happening and we can make a...
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    mmeece replied to the thread Softball Camp Reviews.
    If they are still operating at all, big thumbs down to Scout Softball. The original owner sold the company and the event we attended...
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    mmeece replied to the thread Go pro fence clip.
    Another vote for LynkSpyder, I would recommend adding a simple carabiner to the top of it and attach that first. Makes it easier to...
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    mmeece replied to the thread Recruiting Out of JUCO.
    The JUCO coach typically has a vested interest in making sure each player who wants to move to the next level does in order to advertise...

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