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Recent content by mkral

  1. mkral

    Anderson Rocketflex??

    All Right Pro's.......my DD loves her 33/24 RT but it is now her 5th she has caved in. Thinking of getting a RF. What size do you guys think??? She is just a freshman but is a well put together young lady. I am torn if I should try a 34/24 or a 33/23 in the RF. Again she has swung RT's for...
  2. mkral

    wrist pain

    HB - How'd she get through her pain?? I know this is an old post but thought I would see how she is doing. There is a, not real well known, issue with wrists of baseball and softball players. It is a tear in the UT Ligament that cannot be seen on an MRI. It is not a tear as normally seen, it...
  3. mkral

    Swing Sequence

    I don't want to start any crazy line of emails by saying this but here it goes........ IMHO "Hip Coil" is not mentioned in either the Bustos and Mendoza teachings because they believe it will happen when the hitter turns their knee slightly inward as they go to their stride. If you get into all...
  4. mkral

    Quick Poll

    Thanks for the responses guys I just wanted to make sure I was not the one being stupid...... Cannonball - Amber has been using a 34/24 for all of spring TB and most of this HS season. I had her switch back to her 33/23 to get a bit more bat speed, but most of all to change her mental state...
  5. mkral

    Quick Poll

    We have 3 kids that are strong farm kids. They have been swinging 34/24's for over a year. Now with one game left in districts the HS coach is telling the kids they are not allowed to swing 34/24's.......the team they face to go to state has one pitcher and she tops out at 52 mph. This is...
  6. mkral

    Quick Poll

    OK I have a difference of opinion with a HS coach. Can those of you who have been around college softball or who have kids playing college softball please tell me what bat sizes they are swinging. These are non-slapper's these are power hitters. Thanks Mike
  7. mkral

    Stay Back

    Yeah my bad........sorry, left pocket. She has made some improvements and it all began after she went back with her travel team for a weekend. She seemed more confident and comfortable. After that she was put into the DH spot on her HS varsity team. She is an 8th grader so that was pretty...
  8. mkral

    bat vibration?

    For the most part I see this when the "sweet spot" is not hit by the ball either hitting on the handle or the knob. A great way to work on this is to work with wood bats in the off season. The sweet spot is much smaller then that of an aluminum bat and it teaches to get the ball to the sweet...
  9. mkral

    Stay Back

    Ok thanks guys. We will keep working. I used to have her show her right rear pocket to the pitcher and I think she has lost that feeling all together. I will see if we can jump right back on that but keeping the rear leg stable.
  10. mkral

    Stay Back

    Thanks pstein. Do you have a good way to teach that? Every time I ask her if she feels something she says "No". It is very frustrating.
  11. mkral

    Stay Back

    OK from time to time I must make things a lot more difficult then they need to be. After a terrible Friday and Saturday morning at the plate in HS play we had to go and play in the USSSA 13U Iowa State tournament. She struggled at first as she had so much information running through her head...
  12. mkral

    Stay Back

    Good stuff guys!! We will do some of these this afternoon and see where we end up tonight.
  13. mkral

    Stay Back

    I was going to post a video but it says it is invalid.
  14. mkral

    Stay Back

    OK guru's and I mean that with complete respect!! DD is having trouble getting out ahead of everything and letting her hands get out front. Going from TB to school ball has been a tough transition. Slower pitchers are really making the transition tough. Her coach just screams at her to hit...
  15. mkral

    Question for ASA...why South Dakota...or Midland, or Moline, or Bloomington......

    IMHO if you are willing to make the financial commitment to pay for travel ball all year for several years and your team is good and you want to see just how good you will take them where ever you need to to play against the best teams. So if that is in Moline, IA or South Dakota so be it. If...

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