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    Horseshoe Change, Speed and Spin?

    DD has been using this pitch for a couple years and learning it was based on the thread you mention. I have obsessed over the speed she throws it at because it appears to be about 7-8 miles per hour slower than her drop and gets a slower drop spin. This year I stopped worrying about it because I...
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    The light bulb came on

    She is self taught by using what we've learned from this board and Hillhouse videos. We tried a couple coaches in the Milwaukee area but none taught IR.
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    The light bulb came on

    Something has changed with DD this year that has made her a better pitcher, she is using her head. DD is 15 and doesn't have exceptional speed but mixes the speed she has, works the corners and doesn't walk many hitters. I call her Greg Maddux and she gives me that WTF look. We were talking on...
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    Two seam/4 seam /horseshoe/split finger/knuckle

    DD has had much the same problem and it has baffled and frustrated me. I will have her try this at her next session. Thanks.
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    Bat recommendation needed

    Thanks for the help. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Bat recommendation needed

    DD is 15, almost 5'9" and 115 lbs. I plugged her information in at justbats and the result was 32-22. Is the 32-22 correct? What bats would you recommend? Thanks.
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    Protective gear for pitchers

    DD wears an Evoshield. $60 piece of mind.
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    Pitching Strategy

    I've been thinking about this very thing. The other night DD was pitching and the batter she was facing was way out in front and pulled a couple foul. Next pitch, deep to left field. I started thinking DD has to improve on the strategy part of the game and think more. Thanks for starting the thread.
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    Clarification please

    The runner and the ball arrived at the same time to the shortstop. The shortstop could not make a play on the ball. The ruling on the field was no interference.
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    Clarification please

    We had a situation this weekend where there were runners on first and second. Batter hits a ground ball to the shortstop. As she is going to field the ball the runner from second runs in front of her, causing more of a distraction for the shortstop and she can't make the play. Runner did not hit...
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    Change up for smaller hands

    This is the thread that made the difference fo DD.
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    Change up for smaller hands

    DD has tried various change ups while learning to pitch and found success with the handshake or horseshoe as described above. There is another thread on the board with the same title that goes into more detail on how to throw it.
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    What are These Pitcher Parents Smoking??

    A couple years ago I asked a high school pitcher how many pitches she had. Her answer was 9 with a couple different change ups. She went off to a D3 or NAIA school to pitch. Her dad told me that going off to college is when she started learning to pitch, that if she tried to rely on her fastball...
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    Two Seamers

    Yesterday was the start of TB for DD2 who is 14. She got to pitch the first game and it was the first game time she used the 2-seamer. She had the batters off balance the whole game with the drop and change. Riseball is a work in progress and probably shouldn't be thrown in a game, but coach...
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    IR vs Bullet

    Weren't those called Zubaz?

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