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Recent content by mikfish711

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    Tryout season ugggh!!!

    All of the back-channeling, gossip, "confidential" workouts, etc. put a damper on this time of year for parents, coaches and players.
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    Tryout Season (aka Silly Season)

    There seem to be travel programs exploding everywhere this year.
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    Courtesy Runner

    Came up this past weekend....Can you run for a catcher that has not caught yet but will catch the following inning?
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    Tryout Season (aka Silly Season)

    The time is upon us again...buckle up
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    Sliding Pivot Foot on Windup

    Mostly the opposing coaches. Especially when they are losing
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    Sliding Pivot Foot on Windup

    Sort of like Abbott but without the extra step. The issue they are having is that her foot will occasionally slide forward and her toes will no longer be in contact with the pitching rubber.
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    Sliding Pivot Foot on Windup

    So, long story short, DD and PC have developed a windup that includes sliding the pivot foot during the wind up. Seems to help with her balance and keeping her hips driving forward (instead of opening too early). Well. this has caused some commotion over the last couple weeks. Does she...
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    Embrace and Enjoy the DD you have

    This thread...hitting close to home
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    Deciding starting pitcher

    The one who throws strikes and gives your defense a chance to work
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    It's 2019 and some schools still don't have softball teams.

    I second the WVU...I would like to see the Big 12 compete as an entire conference
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    My hand hurts

    Liberty advanced all the way
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    Thoughts on the Shoeless Jane gloves?

    My DD has a Shoeless Jane glove and she likes it but its not as good as I thought it was going to be. it is certainly a nice glove and is game ready out of the box. The issue is, that it seems to be getting progressively "floppier" as the days go on. I think we only have 2 and a half seasons...
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    Anyone listen to any softball podcasts? Recommendations? Could be anything from NCAA to coaching travel to mechanics
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    Tracking Pitches

    Does anyone have an app they use (and like) for tracking pitches? I know GC does some of it but it seems a little cumbersome. Looking for pitch thrown, spot hit, strike/ball/hit/etc. and the associated stats like GC has. Any recommendations are appreciated
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    Older Bat Info

    Thanks for the info. Much appreciated

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