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    So.....Peel or Roll-over....why is one better then the other?

    You really are out there coach fp. You clearly only pay attention to yourself. It was a useful enough drill to help get her college paid for whether it works for you or not. I for one appreciate the balls it takes to post a video on here, thanks sluggers, and please thank your daughter also!
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    So.....Peel or Roll-over....why is one better then the other?

    ffs, that is why I said arguably…..were not talking about rise balls….stay on topic. the notion that peel drops are thrown without IR is silly.
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    How do I find the perfect release point????

    Thanks Rick! I have waited a long time for perfect circle to say something worth while.....:D simple but good advice......like shooting a bow and arrow. Thanks PC!
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    So.....Peel or Roll-over....why is one better then the other?

    A peel drop in arguably the fastest pitch a pitcher can throw, my guess is it has the most complete IR. My other guess is the only pitch thrown with no IR is maybe a certain style of change up. No IR = slow.
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    interesting conversation with a couple of pitchers' dads

    I was helping out with the highschoolers in the cage the other night and was talking with another dad who has been around baseball and softball 3 times as long as me. His daughter is turning into a freak hitter, we were discussing another kids swing and he says she needs to start turning on the...
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    University Of Montana First Recruits

    Small world, as an 8th grader she pitched for her high school team. WIAA allows 8th graders to play up if the highschool cannot field a team from grades 9-12. The first time I saw her pitch was the state tournament for 3rd and 4th against my daughters school. She led them to a win as an 8th...
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    Toe Drag Issues with Push Foot

    I tend to agree with starsnuffer on the footwork thing but I have nothing for you on that. From the knees up she seems to have a lot of good things going on...Natural IR, brush interference (right mr. Pauly?) Try to promote a little bend in her arm. IMPO stop the hellow elbow thing while she is...
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    What you wish you knew then....

    Very true. lol. I struck the word fair.
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    coach telling DD to "roll the wrists"

    I agree that 10 second snippit is a terrible demonstration. forward and up like going up a ramp is not what this guy is demonstrating at all. Everything can be perverted. There is no way you cannot go forward slightly. even up and forward is still forward.
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    coach telling DD to "roll the wrists"

    You mean moving your elbow in a line 2 feet toward the pitcher? I agree. Or the fact that he's not even holding onto the bat:confused: I mean....hows that going to work? he must be stupid.
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    What you wish you knew then....

    I wish I new that by trying to treat every player the same, that the better players will eventually leave for a more competative atmosphere. And nice coaches can win provided they are the meanest of the nice coaches in the tournament.
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    coach telling DD to "roll the wrists"

    Is pujols playing slowpitch in that gif? As Howard Carrier would say....make a good first move....the lead elbow should start forward then up, like going up a ramp. I believe basically what ffs is saying....the height of the elbow depends on the pitch location... but the ramp analogy has...
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    interference or obstruction?

    When a fielder, a runner and the ball all meet at the same time and a collision is unavoidable it is commonly called a "wreck". Has any blue on here ever made that call? or is it always int. or obs?
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    6year old drills???

    Poor kid....no offense. Take her fishing or to a movie. Save the drills for the ripe old age of 8.

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