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    DFP Roll Call for Ft Wayne Pauly Clinics

    I'll there sitting on bucket
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    Looking for Pitching Clinics - Winter 2019/2020

    Wow, Coach James is putting together another big time event.
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    Fixing sprinters posture using the foot hyperarch mechanic

    You can purchase a video demo of the drill on Rick's online store for a couple bucks.
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    IR... 6 months in

    Greenmonsters is correct, it is basically "dog clicker training." But, I've seen it endorsed by Rick Pauly and Javasource, so I've been using it. Rick has a good video outlining clicker training for softball on his website which can be downloaded for a few bucks. Keep it to one specific...
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    IR... 6 months in

    Sounds like she is occasionally over-rotating her shoulders, which is not uncommon from my experience. There is a post on here in one of the threads where Rick Pauly states that even a slight over rotation of the shoulders can gets the mechanics out of whack. I know what you are describing which...
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    Rick and Sarah Pauly are coming to Minnesota, Jan 27-28, 2017

    I agree, it will be well worth it. Don't let a little distance deter you from attending this clinic. You won't regret getting your DD the opportunity to work with Rick and Sarah.
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    Rick Pauly clinic East Central Indiana

    I travelled from Nashville with 3 10 year old girls. We arrived in time for Rick's presentation on Friday night. Rick did a great job in the presentation and then opened up the floor for questions. Rick made it clear that he was available and sticking around until we ran out of questions. The...
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    10U Pitcher Feedback

    Good point. We've done the Pulling Together Drill recently to work on adduction. Still more work to be done, but another thing on my checklist.
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    10U Pitcher Feedback

    Great feedback. I really appreciate all the effort and time spent. I have the IR in the Classroom saved to my hard drive as well as printed out (along with Java's Drive Mechanics thread). The concept of IR and more specifically Brush Interference clicked with this one about a week ago, so now we...
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    10U Pitcher Feedback

    We've been working on stomping out Hello Elbow...And yes she was instructed to touch her shoulder. She knows what her body needs to do but muscle memory is taking over when she pitches competitively.
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    10U Pitcher Feedback

    A Second Video:
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    10U Pitcher Feedback

    Here's some video of one of my 10U Pitchers. She's 10 years old and is an impressive athlete. She had some instruction about 2 years ago and pitched in a handful of games but was ineffective and opted not to pitch. I coaxed her back on the mound and have been working with her since July. We've...
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    Pitching DO this, and NOT THAT

    One of the best pieces of advice I've ever been given. My 3 pitchers worked with Coach Brandon Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of this past weekend. It was awesome. Coach Brandon is the total package as a coach and a person. My girls absolutely loved him!!!
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    Pitching lessons in Dallas

    I'm in...I'm supposed to get hip surgery sometime this fall so I'll probably have to get a driver, but I can't wait.
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    Pitching lessons in Dallas

    You've got to do what you've got to do. I'm in the same boat where I'm located. I made contact with Brandon Carr yesterday to get the proper mechanics for 3 of my pitchers. Looks like I'll be taking a few road trips to Knoxville sometime here in the near future.

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