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Recent content by Martino

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    Turf shoe and Cleats wearing out too fast in the toe area!

    Hurlersthletic.com is like the Tuff Toe. Was shopping for my DD and started talking to this other customer who claims she plays DII and everyone on the team used Hurler. She was like don’t waste time and money trying to do it at home. If you go Ringor you might bed more then half size up. My...
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    Pitching practice without a home plate ?

    She’s 12u probably B level travel. But I think people are missing the point as it’s more of a general question. I personally rarely don’t use a plate. Why because I find ( and I have found this warming up other girls she has played with not just my DD) that no plate is like a pass fail test...
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    Pitching practice without a home plate ?

    Because In a game there’s an ump calling balls and strikes based on a plate and there a batter that should be swinging at pitches based in part on a plate and the strike zone as well. So I find it odd practicing pitching without Using one. Just an honest question about practice habits and...
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    Pitching practice without a home plate ?

    That’s great if your catcher moves around. What If her catcher sets up middle of plate on EVERY pitch ?? You’ve conditioned her to hit the glove and that’s it.
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    Pitching practice without a home plate ?

    North Star I like that and agree. I also think a plate is as much for the catcher then it is the pitcher. How can you work on hitting each half of the plate if there’s no plate ??? How are you determining if she’s a ball off the corner or 3 ??
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    Pitching practice without a home plate ?

    Thoughts on the need / requirement on having a home plate / target of some kind for a pitching session ? Does it matter the type of practice ? Say team practice just getting work / reps in vs private session or a session that’s working a specific item whether it’s locating a pitch vs working on...
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    Schutt Coaches Seat ??

    Anyone out there have the Schutt coaches seat that the company no longer makes ??? Was hoping someone had it to give the dimensions of the spring used ? Spring height , base diameter and top diameter if possible ?? Thanks in advance ..