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Recent content by martianr

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    So who has started playing again?

    Iowa started H.S. S.B. Practice on June 1st. First games June 15.
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    How about that an illegal pitch!!!

    I am sure you have seen this post, but the Barnhopper aka Barnhill illegal pitching rants are here also. Enjoy. (Barnhill is one of many that pitch illegal). https://www.discussfastpitch.com/threads/the-kelly-barnhill-thread.27135/#post-376560 I have twitted scarborough, smith and Kempf. Kempf...
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    Florida taking a beating

    HAHA. Great Line. I'll have a smile on face every time Barnhill is mentioned in DFP. I hope everyone sees this. THANK YOU!
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    Florida taking a beating

    But I'm sure Cheri Kempf, Michelle smith and others will keep bragging about how dominate pitcher she is and avoiding the elephant in the room. Thank God this is Barnhill last year. I hope it is Walton s last.
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    Barnhill ‘19

    From this Forum. Forum-Fastpitch Softball Forum and Discussions-Softball Discussions-Still hopping NC State coach gets a warning for asking third base ump why Barhill allowed to crow hop. Still one set of rules for Barnhill and another for everyone else. She is throwing 3-4 mph slower when...
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    Runner hits fielder as she catches ball

    Makes sense. Thank you.
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    Runner hits fielder as she catches ball

    Batter pops up to the 1st baseman. She catches it with plenty time for the runner to avoid contact, but doesn't, she bumps into 1st baseman. Obviously she is out, but there also was a runner at 2nd. The 1st baseman then tried to make a throw over to 2nd and almost gets the out. Our coach argues...
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    Foul bunt hits runner in foul territory.

    I couldn't tell where the ball was.
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    Foul bunt hits runner in foul territory.

    There were no other defensive of players near and she was out of the batters box.
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    Foul bunt hits runner in foul territory.

    Had a player attempt a bunt. It went straight up and towards 1st. As the batter was running toward 1st the ball hit her helmet, while she was in foul territory. The Home plate Ump called her out. Is she out?
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    Michele Smith ... WCWS Color Commentator

    Her love for Florida and her sell out to Illegal pitchers, thinking they are great, makes watching the game horrible.
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    Things College Softball Announcers Can Quit Saying

    So true. It is so blatantly obvious. I start cheering for the other team, hoping it will shut them up. But then Again I can't stand Florida and I'm a Viking fan. HAHA
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    I was going to mention Plain but you beat me to it. Good Job. Now another new post with Gabbie Plain. I would like to put a new twist on this. Why aren't the SEC and PAC 12 and other coaches demanding the IP being called? MONEY. Just look at us on this Blog. Who has one of the most replies...
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    NCAA WCWS and IP

    No.18 Morgan Newport and No.33 Kenna Wilkey so far have been called for 42 Illegal pitches. 20 against California's game, and they still have one more game to play. Those two are definitely leaping. And they should be called for it. The announcers doing the game was finding it humorous that so...
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    OSU vs Baylor: is the runner going from 1st to 2nd out?

    This is a situation that came up in the game. Everyone ended up being safe. Question: Is the base runner going from 1st to 2nd supposed to be out, because she went backwards? Or does it need to be a Force?

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