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Mac'sdad's latest activity

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    Good luck to Anna in her next phase of the game. My son is off at GCU playing ball and I miss watching him. The glove you recommended...
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    Mac'sdad replied to the thread Xeno 2018 or 2019?.
    My daughter was hitting shots in the cage the other day with it but only used it a couple of times in last weekends tournament. The...
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    Mac'sdad replied to the thread looking for feedback, please.
    It looks bulky and I think I would be bothered by the spring mechanism right behind the knee when in a deep squat. I think the little...
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    Mac'sdad replied to the thread Boombah Cleats any good?.
    We've always had good luck with the turf shoes and metal cleats from them over the years. No replacements were ever needed between DD...
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    Mac'sdad replied to the thread Xeno 2018 or 2019?.
    Well this thread cost me some money this morning. My DD has been using someones old Demarini CFS-17 in a 31 inch -11 and wanted a new...
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    Mac'sdad reacted to ANNASDAD's post in the thread Bringing sexy back! with Haha Haha.
    The only issue so far is it comes with a douchebag front and center on the tag! I'd much prefer a pic of Dave Concepcion on the tag...

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