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  1. machine

    What is the goal to all of this?

    For my kids I let them do all kinds of Rec sports and then around 12-13 years old they can move to a travel team if they have found a sport they like enough to focus on. DD played Rec Soccer and Softball until she was 13 yo. She loved Softball and was ready to move on to travel @ 13U. She...
  2. machine

    WCWS Slappers out of the box

    1st thing DD's slapper coach did was have her ditch her 32" bat for a 34"... With her being a 14 yo, 5'4" 115 lb. kid at the time I was questioning this in my mind. Seems to go against everything you read about bat sizing, but it has worked out well especially with the new rule changes. Was a...
  3. machine

    Is DD's slapping talent where it needs to be?

    DD, who is 17U now, switched at 15U. She was gonna focus on slapping, but she mostly hit away for the first few years. This helped her reach her goal of becoming a triple threat. It's nice to be able to switch between hitting away and slapping, especially if one isn't working :). She...
  4. machine

    A college coach with his daughter on the team???

    At DePaul Eugene Lenti had two daughters play for him - Ali and Gena Lenti. I think his sister Jean Lenti Ponsetto is Athletic Director too...
  5. machine

    Biggest jump in bat size in one year?

    She switched in the winter and had time to adjust. Played B level in spring and did fine. She has no problem swinging it, but each kid is different... She is now 120 lbs and playing PGF... Working on slapping...
  6. machine

    Biggest jump in bat size in one year?

    DD 13yo, 5'4" 115lbs. went from 32"-10(LXT) to 34"-9(LXT). This was about 3 months after switching to left side. Now 15yo and using 34"-9(LXT) and a newer 34"-10(LXT).
  7. machine

    One glove or two...?

    Best bet is to talk to Casedawg51 about the BV1929-L. He is one that recommended that I didn't need to spend more money on smaller glove for DD when she moved to SS. Bought 2 gloves from him and almost a third...
  8. machine

    One glove or two...?

    14U DD who started in CF and transitioned to almost full time SS uses a 12.75" Vinci RV-1961-L. When I asked her if she wanted a shorter glove for SS she said she liked the extra reach the 12.75" gives her. She also has fast ball transfer so the extra size doesn't slow her down. This glove I've...
  9. machine

    Post your Vinci action shots...

    RV-1961-L, also has JCV-22 - both from Casedawg.
  10. machine


    14U DD - 5'3" 110 lbs with larger hands has used a RV1961-L 12.75" from Casedawg since 12U. She played CF in 12U and now plays SS. I asked her if she wanted a smaller glove for infield, but she says she prefers the 12.75" for the additional range it provides. She is very quick and she is able...
  11. machine

    Bat Recommndation for 13YO?

    14U playing DD (5'3 110lb) has a CF5(32/10) and Xeno(32/10), but prefers her LXT(32/9). A few girls on team borrow DD LXT over the other choices...
  12. machine

    Glove size and type

    Vinci RV-1961-L - 12.75 inch glove with dual web. At 12U used this for outfield. At 14U using for SS. Currently 13yr old, 5'3". Took a long time to break in and DD wasn't too pleased with it. Now that it is broken-in she loves it...
  13. machine

    LXT -9 or -8?

    DD was swinging 32/22 CF5 -10 and I got her a 2014 32/21 LXT -9 and Xeno 32/22 -10. The LXT seems around the same weight as the -10 bats and is easier to swing (more balanced?) than the Xeno, which seems a little end-loaded. I will eventually weight these bats to get actual figures. DD tends...
  14. machine

    girls catchers mitt advice

    Did notice the JCV-22 doesn't open as much as her old Mizuno glove. Took her a while to adjust to the Mizuno and I haven't noticed any pronounced issues with the Vinci yet. She just changed to the JCV-22 and we'll see if she starts dropping balls once she fully gets used to it. Fall ball starts...
  15. machine

    girls catchers mitt advice

    12 year old DD just got a JCV-22 to replace her loaner Mizuno GXC93 and loves it. She wanted something with more padding... Moved up to 14U and was catching pitcher 50mph+ with no problem or pain! The JCV-22 breaks in faster and I believe is lighter than the JCV-VM. Got this from CaseDawg.

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