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    Athletes Unlimited softball.....Are you digging it?

    Love it. It’s a lot of fun. I don’t see any lack of teamwork on the field.
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    Do your players really hit >.600?

    Hey, I do GC for DD’s team. I guarantee it is no less than 85% correct!
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    Sparkler review $$$

    Yeah, our first games were at Clement Park which is adjacent Columbine HS. When we pulled up and got out of the car we saw the school and it gave us all a bit of a jolt. I went for a walk during warmups one day and found the Columbine memorial. I didn’t really want to look, but felt obligated...
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    Sparkler review $$$

    My daughter’s team played in the Kennedy division, the lowest division. They had a lot of fun, played some really good ball and some not great ball. Some of the girls did some camps and felt they did well. For what it’s worth we saw a few coaches every day. I’m sure there were others we didn’t...
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    Colorado-TCS and IDT

    Just got in today. I wouldn’t say the weather is perfect; it’s too hot! Being from Seattle anything over 70 is hot.
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    Swinging down correctly

    Is there going to be a video posted of someone swinging down?
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    Harassing pitcher

    I thought AZ State fans had to be the worst and then the Texas fans came to Seattle. Low class lot, they were.
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    Player of The Year award

    Yes. When you are as good as she at what she does, yes.
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    Was the SEC overrated this year?

    Yes, I think it was a bit of a down year for the SEC. Doesn’t mean they were bad, just not as dominant as usual. I think all the SEC teams in the top 25 were ranked a few spots higher than they should have been. For what it’s worth, SEC teams ranked in the top 25 went something like 10-14...
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    POLL- do you think the Umpire determines who wins?

    They also helped yesterday when they inexplicably shrank the strike zone on Gabbie Plain, also in the 5th, I believe.
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    OK vs TX announcer....

    Texas A&M, not Texas.
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    Baseball? Who cares?

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