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    Pitcher substitution question

    We had a game where the opposing team listed a pitcher, a DP and a flex. At the home plate meeting the opposing coach (the home team) announced that he was swapping his DP and his pitcher (the DP was now going to pitch and the pitcher was now DP) The flex remained in the game. I know in baseball...
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    Runner on 1st and 3rd strategy

    In the original post, it says this situation in for 12U. A lot of 12U teams let runners steal 2nd without a throw when there is a runner on third. If this is the case, why come up with all sorts of different defenses on a walk with a runner on third if you are just going to let them take 2nd on...
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    Dead ball batter/runner safe after interference call?

    One thing to keep in mind... In baseball. fielders rarely play in front of the baseline. That is why the runner is usually called out when the runner gets hit by a batted ball. In fastpitch, the first and third baseman play in front of the bag but the 2nd baseman and shortstop play back. Here is...
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    Pitcher Fielding Help

    Generally, if the pitcher has to do more than just extend her glove-side arm, let it go. On slower hit balls, the pitcher has to be more aggressive in fielding the ball. It takes a lot of grounders in practice to overcome the instinct of trying to field everything hit back towards the circle...
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    Runner hit in face on double play attempt. Correct call?

    I'm not questioning if it is interference or the legality of sliding vs not sliding. All I am saying is going into 2nd base standing up on a double play is very risky for the runner's safety. Also, the quickest way to get to the bag is sliding. The runner has every right to go into 2nd standing...
  6. L

    Runner hit in face on double play attempt. Correct call?

    Just a quick question for you, MTR... When you have a player steal a base, do you teach them to go into the base standing up? If they answer is "no", why on Earth would you have them go into 2nd base standing up on a double play? I want my runners to get to 2nd as quickly as possible and sliding...
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    Runner hit in face on double play attempt. Correct call?

    I am not talking about the runner being out or safe or what the rules are concerning sliding into a base. I am strictly talking about player safety. If you want your runner to avoid injury, the runner should avoid being hit by the throw. Having your runner going into 2nd base standing up on a...
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    Runner hit in face on double play attempt. Correct call?

    I think any coach who does not teach their baserunners to avoid the throw is seriously at fault. Runners should either slide or veer out of the way of the throw. Most times, the SS or 2nd baseman is looking past the runner to the first baseman. Even though the baserunner is in their line of...
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    Pitcher taking signs

    I have a question about the high school rules for a pitcher taking signs from the catcher. In a game yesterday, the pitcher was standing towards the back of the circle (barely inside the circle). She would get the sign from the catcher and then walk to the rubber. While on the rubber, she did...
  10. L

    Help me decide!!

    What does you 15 year-old want to do? Seems to me like it should be a joint decision...not a unilateral decision made by you. Good luck. Hopefully next year will be a lot better than this season.
  11. L

    High School Championship Rings

    We've been lucky enough to win two state titles in the past 4 years. The girls pay for the rings and, if I remeber right, the price tag was $200-$300 (or maybe a little more). Most of the girls bought them but a few just couldn't afford them. The booster club was not involved at all.
  12. L

    Strange Play

    I saw the strangest play yesterday. Runner on first base with no outs. Batter tries to sacrifice bunt and the pitch is popped up foul. The catcher dives and catches the ball near the backstop. The runner on first takes off on contact and for some reason keeps going to third base. In the...
  13. L


    Ray, Good job finding the WIAA reference. Unfortunately, the "W" in this case is for Wisconsin. In Washington, a high school coach may coach his/her own players from the end of the spring state tournaments to the start of the fall sports seasons. Once fall sports start, coaches may not coach...
  14. L

    2 ASA rule changes

    I think you nailed it quincy. I think this rule is all about the safety of the on-deck hitter. I've seen way too many girls get hit by line drives from a late-swinging batter.
  15. L

    First Baseman in the pitching circle

    What could be happening is the 1st baseman is backing up the throw from the catcher to the pitcher. It seems odd that she would be in the circle. That is not the best place to be when backing up that play at the plate. Usually, I'd like our first baseman to be half way between the circle and home.

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