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  1. Laphoneman


    I If you lay the clock down is it spinning clockwise or counter clockwise
  2. Laphoneman

    Still Lost on the infield fly rule

    If it’s an umpires judgment call they should be required to announce it. I hate it when the umpires say we don’t have to announce it. Yes there are the obvious infield fly that no one has a problem with but the ones that are a judgment of umpires are the ones everyone is complaining about when...
  3. Laphoneman


    It’s funny The coaches I have met that complain because my DD doesn’t have a screw ball. We played in a tournament not long ago and the opposing coach came out and shook DD hand after the game and said that was some great pitching that his girls couldn’t handle her screw ball my DD just smiled...
  4. Laphoneman

    Bats and exit velocities...

    My experience with the 2 companies is easton will keep replacing broken bat mizuno would only replace the original. So now I have a clanking power carbon broken on inside that they won’t replace for a cage bat and a replacement ghost I use for games.
  5. Laphoneman

    What would you start with first?

    learn how to control the glove and finish knee to knee. Is where I would start. keep it fun and enjoy the journey.
  6. Laphoneman

    Soft toss

    Practice what you are going to see in a game. To many players have a great tee swing. And can’t square up a ball that is pitched. focus on fixing the swing at a pitched ball full speed. everything else is working on a problem she is not going to see in a game. Unless you can talk the other coach...
  7. Laphoneman

    Glove Arm mechanics

    If your goal is speed you don’t really have to worry about the glove. However if your goal is accuracy you better know exactly what your stride foot, glove, glove elbow, and front shoulder are doing at FSR so you can adjust to control your destination spot.
  8. Laphoneman

    What are the effects of a PRP shot on a pitching elbow

    3 weeks out of cast and she has convinced me to let her start working on pitching since that never bothered her anyway. I only let her throw about 25 pitches but she was still throwing 50-51 down from 54 I was expecting to have to work back up I guess her working her legs this whole time has...
  9. Laphoneman

    Strike outs

    DD has been in slump not striking out but miss hits. Our new mentality approach is to square up the 1st pitch that is close to the zone. theory is if she misses she is squaring up next pitch anything close to zone. Until she has hit or strike out. Once she is squaring up majority of hits she can...
  10. Laphoneman

    Practice or Play?

    Your DD will not get better if you just practice with a team. she has to get some 1 on 1 at home or with personal coach. then she has to work on getting stronger and faster. Once that is going start working on mental training. Last but not least she has to play in the game to put it all...
  11. Laphoneman

    Exploding out of the box

    I bought a skilz recoil 360 its a belt and bungie cord. Then I put an eye bolt through a used tire. DD drags the tire sideways both sides backwards then does sprints. This has increased her speed at least 500%
  12. Laphoneman

    Strength exercises for beginning 9yo pitcher

    I was told to hold off on weights until high school. Just try to get her to strong fast and coordinated. I wouldn’t over pitch her at 9 you want to build her endurance. However think about how many rotations are going to to be made On her little shoulders over the course of her career.
  13. Laphoneman

    Athlete's Unlimited starting on ESPNU 12pm CST

    Heck it just started this weekend and people are complaining its not what they like. Lack of pitching boring are you kidding me that wasn’t a lack of pitching it was dominating hitting. The best softball players they could find on the planet are basically playing in an allstar tournament and...
  14. Laphoneman

    Trying out for a new team

    If you were really happy with your current coach and team you would not be having this conversation. If you are happy with your current coach and team but just interested in what’s going on with other teams. Definitely go to tryouts for other teams. my DD will go to other tryouts just for fun...
  15. Laphoneman


    I still don’t understand would love to see a video of this. I watched the video above of bregman and then watched several slow mo videos of him swinging in a game and it brings to mind amanda scarborough teaching hello elbow but thats not how she really pitches.

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