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  1. Laphoneman

    Riseball Help

    I had an ump tell me this summer that the girl was throwing a rise ball. That the ball was crossing the front plane in the strike zone then it darted up and that’s why it looks high where the catcher was catching it. It could jump all the way to the face mask apparently. All you can do is smile...
  2. Laphoneman

    Xmas bat for 7 year old

    In young ages the demarini bustos was cheaper but hit better than any bat when we were that age. They come in -13 amazon has them for $66 5 years ago they were hot I think because of thin wall and not many 8 u busting bats.
  3. Laphoneman

    DD's opening front shoulder.

    I give them some sunflower seeds tell them to freeze at the end of their swing and they should be able to spit a seed on the plate. Slow them down till they get it then speed them back up. After that que is could you spit on the plate and they should self correct.
  4. Laphoneman

    Ball ON glove, not IN the glove still an out?

    I would not challenge. If ball beat runner there and defensive player has ball in hand and hand and glove together at tag. Umpires call would stand. Just like when the ball passes the batter even with the letters for strike 3 and ump calls ball. When clearly the letters are below the armpits...
  5. Laphoneman

    Strength and Conditioning for Pitchers

    I hear a lot that as a pitcher gets older and stronger she will pitch faster. Yes as they grow they will get stronger and they definitely need to be working out to gain optimal pitching speeds. However a bodybuilder workout is more likely to build bigger muscles and big muscles are slower...
  6. Laphoneman

    Ball ON glove, not IN the glove still an out?

    I think it’s funny that rule has to follow every letter of the law until someone brings up where is the top of the strike zone.
  7. Laphoneman

    Pitcher mentality

    Much easier with a good defense behind her. DD never has an issue with her travel team but her school team gives her a lot of practice on the mental control game.
  8. Laphoneman

    2020 Mizuno Power Carbon Review

    Dd had Dd had 2019 that did the same thing but hits lost a lot of distance. Called in they shipped 2020 replacement have not had any more trouble still hitting great.
  9. Laphoneman

    Internal Rotation

    I understand completely we drive an hour to next state for our team 5 pitchers on the team 4 hello elbow. Good luck
  10. Laphoneman


    Staying away from anything in that video. Once the hips rotate and the bat turns the shoulder should tilt due to body position. If shoulders stays horizontal have to cast hands and drop bat to reach any pitch lower half of zone.
  11. Laphoneman

    Strangest ending to a game?

    We were tied time expired batter walked they threw ball to pitcher runner rounds 1st rounds 2nd pitcher finally threw to 3rd got in rundown with bad throw runner rounds 3rd another rundown at home with bad throw to 3rd she scores we win. Only time I’ve ever seen it work.
  12. Laphoneman

    DEfense help

    Get her to hold a tennis ball under her chin while fielding start out slow. I do believe problem is more likely back on her heels at catch. Kind of like fight or flight response moving forward is an aggressive movement. If she gets stopped and retreats to her heels its a flight response and she...
  13. Laphoneman

    Internal Rotation

    Find a pitching coach that knows what internal rotation is I have failed to find one in my area. Serch for Tincher pitching program in your area. Worst case senerio read all you can from stickies for pitching and watch videos and get started yourself. Hopefully you can find a coach.
  14. Laphoneman

    My DD’s swing.

    I never hear this emphasized on dfp but I stress the drive off the back foot driving the back hip straight at the pitcher. Yes you need hip hinge to get great push towards pitcher. If you push the hips forward from ground force and turn the barrel everything else falls into place. As long as...
  15. Laphoneman

    My DD’s swing.

    YouTube (turn the barrel) I like Antonelli but watch them all and learn body positions necessary for bat to turn so bat path can be achieved

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