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Recent content by Laphoneman

  1. Laphoneman

    Looking for a composite bat for my 7 Year old DD

    If you are going to buy a name brand composite message coresoftball20 on this site he will give you the best price you can find. Ive bought 2 from him fast friendly and I know how to get in touch with him.
  2. Laphoneman

    Looking for a composite bat for my 7 Year old DD

    There are no magic bats buying her a ghost won’t help. Spend time teaching her a proper swing and she can hit with any bat. Bond you can build with your dd is worth more than just buying an expensive bat.
  3. Laphoneman

    What actually do you call the style that Coach Lisle teaches and why do a lot of softball coaches hate it?

    I don’t like his complete stride with open hips then torque hips and bring barrel through at approximately same time. That’s what I got from watching his videos no back leg drive or separation. Seems like he is swinging with the power of his core muscles instead of using lower body combination...
  4. Laphoneman

    Average exit velocity by age

    This is why they need live pitching in practice. I’ve never seen a game where someone was pitching from half distance behind a screen.
  5. Laphoneman

    Average exit velocity by age

    That’s an estimate she is short and skinny and in 5th grade. Average team hit landing around 2nd base even for this kid then out of no where boom! Otf
  6. Laphoneman

    What are most common factors for missing the ball on a tee

    I’m trying to put everything I’m learning together. So we have good lower body mechanics good drive good fsr good torque. Now in upper body trying to keep chin position as still as possible. We are turning the barrel trying to stay in tight swings look good. However we make contact with top half...
  7. Laphoneman

    Average exit velocity by age

    10u I know about 5’0” about 100# put 2 over 200’ fence in tournament play last season. It was an 11” ball. It defys logic nothing about her stands out she is same size as everyone on her team she has a decent swing but nothing overpowering it blows my mind she had to have everything perfectly...
  8. Laphoneman

    Proper receiving of pitches off the plate

    We picked up a catcher that had been playing pgf I was sitting next to her dad. When we called pitch 2 ball out she set up 2 balls out so she could stick the catch straight in front of her chin and hold it and the ump would ring the batter up almost every time. The dad says it’s unbelievable...
  9. Laphoneman

    Draw back vs no draw

    I believe being able to have body positions and mechanics exactly the same every pitch is key to accuracy. The trouble I found with DD was in the back swing sometime it was straight back sometimes 1 “ behind depending on amount of shoulder torque and core tightness it’s almost impossible to back...
  10. Laphoneman

    Movement pitches

    If fingers are behind the ball at release where are they at 9 or when arm is pointing towards 2nd base to get 12-6 rotation finger and hand placement (not grip) are rarely discussed
  11. Laphoneman

    Teaching pitching to

    Mechanics I start at the ground and work up start simple foot placement then weight shift and walk off end knee to knee with toe drag. I emphasize without a good foundation the house will fall. Then add in front hand then shoulders then pitching hand no ball. Once they have that add the ball and...
  12. Laphoneman

    Ten most important things for an infielder to do

    After you know where your going with the ball and the situation and the pitch location called. a more specific skill I teach to practice. At contact looking down your nose instantly decide is the ball hit right or left of your nose. Turn your hips that direction. As your turning your hips...
  13. Laphoneman

    2020 Easton Ghost

    Dd has been swinging the 2020 power carbon this year hitting blast to the fence last couple of months seems to be losing distance I got her the 2020 ghost for Christmas she put 4 out of the park today it’s hot right out of the box I hope it last longer than PC.
  14. Laphoneman

    Pitching mat

    I went to tractor supply website largest mat I found was 4x6 is this what your talking about are you piecing them together or am I looking at the wrong things
  15. Laphoneman

    How to disguise a bat as a present

    Let everyone know you want an axe for Christmas put a weight in a shoe box and cut a hole into shoebox slide bat box in wrap and put in plain sight.

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