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  1. Laphoneman

    Batter running to first on strike two play

    We had the same “trick play” pulled on us but it was so obvious because the batter/runner rounded 1st and jogged to 2nd beging for a throw. With pitcher holding the ball in the circle.
  2. Laphoneman

    Internal rotation early? Spin trouble

    6/12 is going to rise or drop depending on the direction of spin according to theory. Any variation close to that should have some side to side movement. So down and over. What you are trying to avoid is the bullet spin which keeps the ball straight. Straight pitches are easier to hit.
  3. Laphoneman

    Swing hard?

    I made dd and son test and choose their type of swing. Set up tee absolutely crush 25 balls keeping good form and mechanics. Then try 75-80% swing. Every time we tested 75-80% swing was more consistent and went farther. Usually due to better contact. You can test with live pitching see what...
  4. Laphoneman

    Incorrect Rule Interpretations - a running list

    This was my point exactly no need to follow the rules of strike zone lets just make up our own strike zone lets see today I think the top of the strike zone should be the belly button. I agree armpit high ball is hard to hit. But follow rules if you don’t agree petition to change rules. But...
  5. Laphoneman

    Getting the curve

    If she’s getting it at 2/3 thats a good start. Practice practice practice its a journey not a race. If it were easy everyone would be doing it. Patients is your best coaching tool have it and teach it. Hard work will pay off. My cue is finish with pinky pointing up at the pocket.
  6. Laphoneman

    Incorrect Rule Interpretations - a running list

    I heard of a rule where the strike zone goes all the way up to the armpits in a natural stance. Boy were they wrong every ump knows top of strike zone is at belly button.
  7. Laphoneman

    Pointer Finger Pain

    Focus more on catching the ball in the web. I teach to pinch the side of the ball with thumb and pointing finger tip. So visualize pinching the side of the ball instead of catching it and it will hit in the pocket every time.
  8. Laphoneman

    Axe avenge light

    Dd has the 18 avenge trying to sell it now because she grew. 32\21 Really liked the bat it made it easier to understand palm up palm down at contact. Helped me figure out she was rolling wrist bottom hand down because she was making contact on side of the bat since this is a 1 sided bat the...
  9. Laphoneman

    How do you choose a 2nd pitch?

    I went about it different with DD I heard and believe a new pitch takes a while because its different from the muscle memory. So I started out working 4 pitches just so it would not be a drastic change to start a new pitch. Now we started focusing on fastball and location. But we have always...
  10. Laphoneman


    Welcome find a topic and read all the sticky post at top you will be enlightened.
  11. Laphoneman

    13yr old pitcher analysis any suggestions

    I appreciate your honesty but I haven’t been able to find a pc that doesn’t start off with wrist flips. This is why I’m coaching her. she is 3 rd kid 1st was catcher 2nd kid pitches now her. I’ve been coaching 19 years and I video and research everything. As for it’s going to be to hard for...
  12. Laphoneman

    13yr old pitcher analysis any suggestions

    She is an 06 just starting 14u. I realize she has pretty good form but when the only thing I am cueing is keep the ball straight. I feel lime Im missing the forest for the trees. Just wanted some different eyes looking for flaws. Thanks to everyone trying to help.
  13. Laphoneman

    Helping daughter with confidence in the outfield

    Youtube baseball drills outfield footwork and fly balls
  14. Laphoneman

    Helping daughter with confidence in the outfield

    I have been been doing drills for positioning as an outfielder with dd. She has no glove she has to sprint into position so that she is in a ready to throw posture and the ball has to fall about a foot in front of her foot. I use tennis balls and a raquet because I’m more consistent and she is...
  15. Laphoneman

    13yr old pitcher analysis any suggestions

    The two things I have been working on is the overlap at the beginning and keeping the hand behind the ball she keeps letting it twist out towards 3rd base between 3 and 9 Im also telling her to try leading more with elbow cueing limp noodle but so far this is as close as we have got.

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