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Recent content by jppoker

  1. J

    So who has started playing again?

    Where did you see this?? I know all orgs around us are planning on 6/20. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. J

    HS season starting for most areas..how long till???

    Tryouts in CT are in 3 weeks. Only 22 girls attended the meeting. 11 returning players, 11 Freshman and a new head coach. Team graduated 4 Seniors including only pitcher(oldest DD), starting catcher and SS. Team will look very different this spring. My youngest is part of the large Freshman...
  3. J

    Organization / Club fees

    For Fall Ball we’re paying $140 for 3 tournaments. Summer fees are $500. Covers 5 tournaments, 1 full set of uniforms (shirt, pants, belt and socks), and a week day summer league, dozen games with playoffs. Girls hit 2x a week indoor all winter. Last year we played a 3 pickup winter games...
  4. J

    Outfielder Glove Upgrade

    Great! Thank you. J Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. J

    Outfielder Glove Upgrade

    She’s 5’4” average build with average size hands. Noticed the Velcro is pretty tight on her current glove. Majority of games she plays is OF with the occasional inning at 2nd. Looking for a glove that will last more than a couple years. Between Hs and summer travel ball she will play around...
  6. J

    Outfielder Glove Upgrade

    DD has been playing with a now floppy and worn out Rawlings FP125. She has a 15th birthday coming in Dec and I’d like to get her an upgrade. Local selection is limited as you could imagine. She likes the Rawlings and seems to manage well with the 12.5”. She mentioned a glove in gray. Looking...
  7. J

    Outfield - Where to throw the ball

    Debate from today’s 14u bracket game. Top of the 7th. Home team in the field leading 3-0 Bases loaded no outs. Hard hit ball to RF fielded cleanly. Where’s the throw? 1: Try for the out at 1st or 2nd possibly allowing R2 to score from second?Runners now on a 1st and 3rd. 1 out. 2: Throw...
  8. J

    Questionable IF fly.

    First pool play game of the day. We are the home team and following a couple miscues our girls are down 2 runs and bases are loaded now outs. Flare to the SS (not a line drive and pop up). SS gets to it and makes the catch(or so we thought when home ump signals out without an infield fly...
  9. J

    Saw a new one today

    Not a technical term but have read it specifically on LL baseball sites when my girls were in LLSB. Usually it occurs when the fielder at 1st has to come off the bag to catch a poorly thrown ball and gets tangled with the BR. Bang bang play on the home plate side of first. Runner is hustling...
  10. J

    Saw a new one today

    Based on umpires judgement (gotta love how that protects almost every call Blue can make) the rules were applied correctly. BR out on the tag R1 out on the INT. Devils advocate: Now what stops fielders from “dropping” the ball after as she tags the BR to get the free out? I know INT doesn’t...
  11. J

    Saw a new one today

    No arms swinging or swiping at the glove at all. May have moved the arms up to her Chest defensively but didn’t make a motion toward the glove. There was no play on the runner at 3rd. She didn’t make a move to go home until the ball squirted out of play. The field ump only chimed in after a...
  12. J

    Saw a new one today

    So we are playing the Semifinal 14B USSSA state tourney bracket game today. Back and forth game with lots of scoring. We were batting in the top of 4th with about 15 min left. Nice rally going to score 3 runs to tie the game at 9 each. No outs. Our number 4 batter comes to the plate with a...
  13. J

    WTB a 28"/29" -11ish DeMarini or LS

    I have a 30/19 CF6 Sprite I’m looking to sell. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. J

    When should a TB player stop playing LL

    I’ve been a part of our local LL for the last 8 years. My youngest is 13 and is in her first year in TB. When we had a discussion about NOT playing LL because of the conflicts she was in tears. She wanted to keep playing with friends. Last year LL was fun and our All Star team won Districts...
  15. J

    Kentucky HS equipment rule.

    So let's follow your logic. A third basemen playing even with the bag is 90 ft away from the batter. A ball leaving the bat at 90mph travels at ~132 fps. The ball gets to the fielder in 0.68 seconds. Now let's look at the softball third basemen. She's playing in for the bunt standing at 40...

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