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Recent content by Josh Greer

  1. Josh Greer

    The umpire is out to get us! Or is he?

    So an MLB pitcher's belief is that an umpire's bias existed and therefore should be replaced by a computer. OK, so if a pitcher's bias exists and hits a batter, should he be replaced by a pitching machine. And if a batter's bias leads him to yell at a pitcher who celebrated striking him out...
  2. Josh Greer

    Stepping into the video arena

    One thing to keep in mind: This is the time of year that GoPro usually announces their next flagship camera, which is usually then released sometime in October. I'm not suggesting that the next flagship will be a viable option for our sport, but it generally will drive the price of the previous...
  3. Josh Greer

    Complaints against Nebraska softball coach show college athletes’ limited options

    I have no knowledge of either side's truth. However, there seems to be a lot of "someone said" information being bandied about. In this digital age where there is a camera/mic on everyone at all times, it seems to me for the internal case to essentially be dismissed, could most of these claims...
  4. Josh Greer

    Livestreaming - video rewind?

    The problem with YouTube is that as of last year, you have to have at least 1000 followers to live stream to a mobile device (cell phone). But this is not the case for devices like the Mevo.
  5. Josh Greer

    New to catching - advice on gear needed

    If you can find a "Play It Again Sports" in your area, that is a great way to try on several different brands and sizes...even mixing and matching chest, mask, and shins. I'm not a fan of buying used catchers gear; gear needs to be shaped to the catcher. But it will help you narrow down what...
  6. Josh Greer

    Hello from Vegas

    Welcome. There are some sharp folks here. Soak it in.
  7. Josh Greer

    Video Camera for recording games and at bats?

    What we advise is based on what you primarily want to do: For just recording, we recommend GoPro. At this time, due to some of the stability (crashing not shake reduction) we still recommend the HERO5 Black. We are testing some new updates that may have fixed the stability issues with the...
  8. Josh Greer

    Live Stream Plunge

    For what it's worth, I hold the World's record for destroying this exact drone in the fastest time. All I can say is that insurance was money well spent....and I don't want to talk about it. :-)
  9. Josh Greer

    New Camera Rig - Mevo Plus

    The plus is really just the next generation model; V2, if you will. There are several changes. But ultimately, the better wireless chip and dual antennas (internal) give it longer wireless range and more streaming stability.
  10. Josh Greer

    Carrying bags for pop-up canopies

    I have a knack for losing tent and chair bags. I keep a roll of 2 sided velcro in the car kit. I wrap the velcro around the item (on both ends) and cut it to length.....then proceed to lose the velcro when it is time to pack up and start the whole process over again. :-)
  11. Josh Greer

    New Camera Rig - Mevo Plus

    Great stuff. Have you had any heat related issues yet? Not sure if you got the Boost as well, but that may be what is causing the majority of heat related problems. But Ethernet to a hotspot sure is handy and very stable.
  12. Josh Greer

    GoPro Vs DJI Osmo

    Can't adjust the FOV on the OSMO Action. So it is pretty much DOA. Decent camera and like the round lens. But aside from that, not useful for recording ball games. They were so close. No streaming either.
  13. Josh Greer

    Guess I'll start an off-topic thread?

    #1. What ya listening to right now, favorite music? Favorite, bands, musicians? Today it was Jimmy Buffet, Pink Floyd and Michael Frantic/Spearhead (my daughter told me today my music frustrates her....so I guess I'm doing something right) #2. What's your favorite movie? A movie that'll stop...
  14. Josh Greer

    Hello from So Cal

    Enjoy the ride and don't blink. It will go by in a flash!
  15. Josh Greer

    Triple play wins state championship

    That coach.....too funny. What a great memory they will have for the rest of their lives.

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