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Recent content by Josh Greer

  1. Josh Greer

    Motion Analysis Software for Mac?

    I'm not a Mac guy, but we have a couple iPhones for testing purposes. Have you tried Coach's eye? You can do the analysis from an app for either IOS or Android. https://www.coachseye.com/ It used to a free app that you paid for extras. Not it seems to have morphed into a subscription based...
  2. Josh Greer

    Live Streaming Rig Question by Total Novice

    Did you try locking the orientation on your phone (outside of the camera)? We find that to be helpful when streaming from a smartphone (we use Android)
  3. Josh Greer

    Live Streaming Rig Question by Total Novice

    With an iPhone, we've become more pleased with using FaceBook as it is easy to restrict/allow access as needed when streaming to a group. We used to use YouTube (which worked great). But that option doesn't work for everyone because they now require 1000+ followers to stream from mobile. When...
  4. Josh Greer

    Video overlay fun

    I'm told there are various tools out there to safely mount cameras and phones to the fence. To quote Forrest Gump: "That's all I have to say about that". :-)
  5. Josh Greer

    USSSA thinks we're sort of getting back to normal, sort of not

    Well, that is the nature of business. I can assure you that any business owner who's livelihood is dependent upon a business impacted by any kind of business loss will try to do what they can to recover lost funds. Fraudulently taking advantage is not something I am talking about here. But we...
  6. Josh Greer

    The Summit of Softball in Chatt tornado damage

    Major bummer for some folks who are probably already hurting with the delay/drop of seasons. But in a lighter note, if they are well insured, it is a great time to revamp a ball park.
  7. Josh Greer

    USSSA Extends season through August

    I feel like you're baiting me to argue with you. :-)
  8. Josh Greer

    USSSA Extends season through August

    Most folks around our area are shutting down right after July 4th. After that, the temperature and humidity just isn't feasible for most tournaments. And in Mid-Missouri, it certainly gets hotter elsewhere. Obviously some ball is better than no ball. But I'm guessing most teams will just get...
  9. Josh Greer

    Camera suggestion for recording games

    This was processed and uploaded. Was not streamed.
  10. Josh Greer


    We teach our catchers to immediately rotate the wrist, drop the mitt, center and drop when the ball breaks at a specific point; basically the point in which the catcher knows the ball will hit the dirt. I agree with your thoughts that all balls should be able to be caught/picked. Perhaps if...
  11. Josh Greer

    Softball happy thoughts

    No possible way to find the happy softball moment for me. I've enjoyed it all. As in anything, there were bad times along with the good. But I'd do it again in a heartbeat. So our happy softball moment ended a couple of years ago when our last soft-baller hung up her spikes to play...
  12. Josh Greer

    Catcher's Mask Camera Test

    Fun stuff. I think helmet cam's make for great B roll video. Bouncing back and forth between the overall shot and the helmet it really good stuff. The problem with the helmet though, is all of the movement; hard to watch for long segments. You also might try playing with a "chesty" mount...
  13. Josh Greer

    Things To Do While Waiting Out Covid-19

    We will try to build ahead for the 2030 10U travel ball explosion. :-)
  14. Josh Greer

    Livestreaming setups?

    Mevo has a workaround they are using in their app.. But it is still very much a fluid situation. It is possible it could be turned off.
  15. Josh Greer

    need help w/gopro Hero Black 5. i want to record without chapters and

    Wired is always more stable than wireless. Just make sure you use a connection that is as least as fast as your internet connection. If you have gig internet, definitely use wired. If you have 100mb or less, your wireless is probably fine. Upload to YouTube is a very slow process. We share...

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