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Recent content by Josh Greer

  1. Josh Greer

    Hello from So Cal

    Enjoy the ride and don't blink. It will go by in a flash!
  2. Josh Greer

    Triple play wins state championship

    That coach.....too funny. What a great memory they will have for the rest of their lives.
  3. Josh Greer

    Live Stream Plunge

    2 quick items: 1.) If you get fence in the shot with Medium or narrower FOV, getting the camera closer to the fence is the only solution (unless the fence openings are smaller than standard fencing). If you have one of those plastic tripod mounts that "lean", make sure it leans towards the...
  4. Josh Greer

    Live Stream Plunge

    I would doubt they add this to the 6. Unfortunately, I also doubt they do much more with the 7. One of the disadvantages about GoPro coming out with a new line each year is that they don't focus on expanding the existing hardware. But it often times ends up in the next line.
  5. Josh Greer

    Live Stream Plunge

    It could be resolved with a firmware upgrade. We are pleading with GoPro to fix it.
  6. Josh Greer

    Live Stream Plunge

    If they are using the GoPro HERO7 (which they probably are...other GoPro's can't easily stream without external involvement), you can only stream in the wide Field Of View. Unfortunately, this is a huge limitation to GoPro's first stab at streaming. Until they get that fixed, a smartphone or...
  7. Josh Greer

    Live Stream Plunge

    I've never tried the LIVE4 app. Let us know how that goes. The soft "unlimited" limit is why we have been playing with a hotspot from OTR Mobile. It is truly unlimited LTE (via ATT network) that has no throttle point. I disconnected our internet at home and plugged in the hotspot for several...
  8. Josh Greer

    Opinions on this single post web?

    I think your spousal unit is a very patient individual. :-)
  9. Josh Greer

    Predictions on the WCWS??

    I can't tell if I'm just more into it this year. But I will have to say it is some of the most enjoyable ball I've watched in a long time. I would have loved to see the Huskies go the distance, just because I love gritty teams. And as good as the semi's were, I hope the championship isn't a...
  10. Josh Greer

    DD had an awesome game today (pitcher)

    Isn't it awesome to sit back and be in awe of what youth players can do. I remember at one point in one of my player's young career, I leaned over to her mom and said "I'm not sure I was ever able to do that.". When those moments happen, I'd rather watch youth ball over professional anytime...
  11. Josh Greer

    How protective should a catcher be of her mitt?

    My son always kept an older mitt in his bag. Was a good idea for backup purposes, but is also the mitt he offered if someone needed to use one.
  12. Josh Greer

    Pocket Radar Battery Life

    That's actually a better design. Charging in the field while taking readings would generate more heat than needed possibly causing an overload. Good job guys!
  13. Josh Greer

    Solution for Chafing behind the Knees

    Has she tried criss crossing the straps?
  14. Josh Greer

    Last minute decision to play in college....

    Above is great advice. One other suggestion would be to look at the JC option. If your player has A+ (I'm assuming that translates outside of Missouri) scholarship is no longer in play. Playing at the JC level is a great way to get the experience and the looks from larger institutions down...
  15. Josh Greer

    GoPro Vs DJI Osmo

    We have one on the way and will be reviewing. I'm told the wireless companion app is horrendous. Ultimately, I have grave concerns that it is a fixed FOV camera. There is no discussion of FOV or zoom in the user manual. If that is the case, it is sort of a deal breaker. Stay tuned. They...

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