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Recent content by Joe661

  1. J

    2020 Easton Ghost

    Has anyone had a chance to weigh them? I don’t see any weights listed for the 2020 ghost -11 in the bat database. I’m wondering if I should 31/21 or 31/20z.
  2. J

    Mizuno new line pics

    Any idea if the TI will be available in 31 length this year?
  3. J

    Mizuno Demos

    Mizuno customer service was pretty cool and replacing the bat. The only thing is I have to wait for till mid April but they will be replacing it with a 2020 power carbon.
  4. J

    Mizuno Demos

    I commented earlier about a friend of mines daughter PC paint chipping really bad after 1st game of tournament. Today’s my daughter did the same and almost looks identical to his daughters bat. Does it look like paint chipping or you guys think it’s cracked?
  5. J

    2019 Easton Ghost ASA versus other bats

    Power Carbon, I think its the hottest bat on the market right now. Also, its dual stamp unlike the asa ghost so you can use it for her NSA tournaments.
  6. J

    Mizuno Demos

    My daughter used her new Mizuno PC 31/21 this weekend in a 3 game friendly in the LA area. She batted .500 this weekend with it.... she ripped a hard ground ball to SS who didn't have time to react and went under her glove, but I ruled it a error on SS so average could have been a tad bit higher...
  7. J

    Mizuno Demos

    I'm glad I saw this thread. A friend of mine bought this for his daughter who plays for a different team. We were at the same tournament when she first used the Power Carbon 31/20 and it had POP straight from the wrapper. The only thing is we noticed paint chipping immediately from the bat after...
  8. J

    Batting helmet suggestions

    After two years my DD ripit helmet needs to be replaced. Two years ago when dads and coaches were ordering new team helmets for her old choppers team we all felt ripit had best batting helmet. Just wanted to see if there is another brand I should consider?
  9. J

    New catchers gear/bags recommendations

    We went with the diamond ix5 gear. DD loves the set and especially the lightweight helmet. We also got the set in her team color royal and it looks great. Thanks everyone.
  10. J

    New catchers gear/bags recommendations

    Thanks I was considering Schutt as well.
  11. J

    New catchers gear/bags recommendations

    Thanks for your input TexAg! Definitely going to take a look at the iX5 gear.... I found out they have a rep in my area so maybe I can have her try the gear on first before buying. Thanks I remember seeing the Tanel bag like a year ago, but I wasn't in the market. I love the look i'll share it...
  12. J

    New catchers gear/bags recommendations

    My DD will be finishing up 10u and moving up to 12s in August. She's had her catchers gear/bag for nearly two years and its time to upgrade. She's more of an athletic thin build (5'0 85lbs estimate) and her primary position is SS. She currently has the Mizuno Samurai Catchers gear and Samurai...
  13. J

    What 10u batters guards should I get?

    Evoshield elbow guard is the only protective gear I recommend in 10U.
  14. J

    Looking for a new glove for my 10u player

    I just bought my daughter a Wilson A2k l 11.75' Snake Skin model and I love the look, feel and weight. We just received it in the mail today so she hasn't had a chance to break it in yet, but I'm very impressed so far. My daughter is 8 turning 9 on the 22nd of this month and she plays SS for her...
  15. J

    Looking for the right Glove

    I'm pretty much in the same boat as you my daughter is also 8 playing SS for her 10u travel team. I prefer to get her a Wilson as well, but looking at the new gray color Wilson A2000 11.75 I noticed it wasn't super skin as well. I do love the look of the new A2000 and if it was super skin it...

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