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  1. J

    Changeup Help

    When my DD was learning the horseshoe, she had the same issue. This may be obvious, but it helped her just to focus on turning the ball palm down earlier (between 12 and 9 o’clock). If she is late getting palm down and still leading with the pinky at 9 o’clock, that may be why she is behind the...
  2. J

    Brush- Drills vs Full

    Oh I am sure you could do it either way. I assumed "full circle" in the earlier posts meant a full arm circle without moving the feet, which is why I suggested that the next step be to move the feet but with less leap than a full pitch (maybe that's an obvious point anyway). I think my...
  3. J

    Brush- Drills vs Full

    Adding to this point (and the larger theme that learning BI is progressive), my dd thought it was very helpful to have an intermediate step between full arm circles (without footwork) and a full pitch. She called this work "3/4," and it basically just started with a little step and throw, to...
  4. J

    What do I Mean

    FWIW, my DD had bullet spin for months when she started to throw leading with the pinkie. After trying a bunch of different things, the cue that ultimately worked was was "thumb in"--i.e., try to turn the hand at release so the thumb brushes the thigh (like you would orient the hand to throw a...
  5. J

    The Kelly Barnhill Thread

    To me the mechanical advantage, if any, is an interesting question. Putting aside whether rules should be enforced as written (which is hard to argue with), and whether leapers/replanters would fare worse if they had to abide the rules (which they presumably would, at least in the short term)...
  6. J

    Horseshoe Change, Speed and Spin?

    Thank you to everyone for the responses. I know that there are many threads on this topic already, so I am very grateful that parents and coaches would take the time to share their experiences. Although I do not post frequently, I read and reference this site constantly, and with really...
  7. J

    Horseshoe Change, Speed and Spin?

    As an alternative to a flip change, my dd has been working on the horseshoe change that Boardmember described in the best changeup for small hands thread. http://www.discussfastpitch.com/softball-pitching/9274-best-change-up-grip-small-hands-2.html For those that have had success with this...
  8. J

    How ti fix forward lean at release?

    In addition to downhill throwing and pushback drills to get the feeling for having weight back, it also really helped us to (1) work on releasing at the back hip and not in front (even to the point of exaggeration) and (2) balance on the landing foot for a second or two after release. For my...
  9. J

    Pitch counts in softball?

    I know that there have been prior discussions on the question “how much should I practice,” but I have heard less on the question “how much is too much” with respect to weekly workloads for pitchers at different ages. Have others found that there is an in-season sweet spot (for example, 200 to...
  10. J

    Two Seamers

    It is close to a knuckleball (which doesn't rotate at all, or turns less than a full revolution during flight). That's the beauty of a splitter in baseball; it is a pitch that has a similar "dancing" effect to a knuckleball (an abrupt down and in or down and out), but can be thrown closer to...

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