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Recent content by JENJ5001

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    WTS Nokona x2 buckaroo fastpitch series fielding glove 12.5

    For sale Nokona x2 Buckaroo series fastpitch fielding glove 12.5 I bought this glove for my daughter last November for $350 from amazon (can print off receipt if needed). It was used in two games. My daughter thought it was too heavy to pitch with. It has been wrapped with a ball in it since...
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    WTS Demarini FNX 32 -10 for sale

    Demarini FNX 32/22 for sale. Very lightly used. Not even really broken in. Bought in June at Dicks. Have receipt, so it’s still under warranty $200
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    WTB 34" catcher's mitt

    looking to buy a well- padded quality softball catcher's mitt
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    Revfire original

    does anyone have an original revfire that they are looking to sell? I am looking for a revfire
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    Internal rotation early? Spin trouble

    update: we have been doing alot of underhand throwing focusing on whipping her elbow. keeping her arm loose. Also doing some relaxed walkthrough long toss, working out and and then back in. what is amazing is that the ball is zipping out of her hand with the correct spin! This completely fixed...
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    Arm circle problems

    very intresting, I see what you are saying with the shoulder pulling back which in turn accelerates the arm circle. The sling shot (David and goliath reference) is very fitting. Thank you for taking the time to respond. This was very helpful. If you dont mind me asking what brand of Neoprene...
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    Arm circle problems

    Awesome..tha Wow..that is very creative! I like it
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    Arm circle problems

    This may be a stupid question, but I am wondering about the neoprene elbow sleeve and how it helps give feedback on elbow bend?
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    Internal rotation early? Spin trouble

    Yes, that was what I was getting at in this post by saying she was I/Ring too early. Thank you for taking the time to respond! I was afraid she was forcing her had to internaly rotate on her own (not naturally) kind of like a turnover drop. Because she was hello elbow we focused on internal...
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    Does anyone have experience using the Power Drive?

    I second this. We have had the power drive for about 6 months. I don't think it really helps you use your legs at all. Sure it gets you in the sprinter position; however, I can show my dd the pictures in the drive mechanics thread and she can get in the right position. I Just recently bought...
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    Internal rotation early? Spin trouble

    good point!!!...we will work on that..thank you
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    Internal rotation early? Spin trouble

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    Internal rotation early? Spin trouble

    hmm I see what you are saying with the right body lean. thanks so much for replying Is this caused by the overstepping to the right or is it another issue altogether. At our pitching lesson tonight, dd worked on not overstepping to the right. I am reassured about the spin axis. I thought it...
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    Internal rotation early? Spin trouble

    The wood plank is a very good idea. We will try that. Thank you.
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    Internal rotation early? Spin trouble

    wow, thank you for the reply!! I happy to know that the pitches she throws that appear to rotate 11/5 are what I am supposed to be looking for and are actually 12/6 spin.