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Recent content by jdint

  1. J

    Need help explaining need to switch to I/R to DD

    I agree with cnardone. Show her/them slow motion videos of all the best pitchers of the last 20 years. This is what I did with my DD, and she actually switched on her own (practiced the motion throwing into a bownet over the winter).
  2. J

    Front Toss Vid

    Pitcher could use some work. :)
  3. J

    Hey Coach, you said you wouldnt...

    I shag balls during batting practice occasionally. Maybe I should start my own youtube channel.
  4. J

    Hey Coach, you said you wouldnt...

    Hasn't your daughter built up enough "equity" in her hitting to be trusted to straighten herself out? Or at least trust in whoever has worked with her in the past?
  5. J

    Hey Coach, you said you wouldnt...

    hmmmm......since I'm in your area I'm very curious to who this would be.:unsure:
  6. J

    10U DD Need Some New Bat Advice

    The obvious answer is to buy both bats.:)
  7. J


    Ha. Derails always welcome. I think I watched the pitcher you are talking about at "nationals". Tall, blondish hair?
  8. J


    Not sure if this worthy of a "shameless brag post" or not, but I thought it was pretty cool. 12 year old DD hit 57 and was consistently at 56 at pitching practice last night. The weird thing is, this jump in her velocity (from around 52 mph) was brought on by a hover board crash that hurt her...
  9. J

    Swing examples needed (leg kick)

    Check out Maddi Hackbarth from ASU. Hit 19 home runs in 2019
  10. J

    Strong drive vs quick drive Cue

    Yes. His name escapes me right now. There are a few local girls (St. Louis) that make the drive up to see him with good results.
  11. J

    Strong drive vs quick drive Cue

    I watched a Facebook live video from a Tincher instructor a few months ago, and this lines up with what he was teaching. He was much more interested in the quickness of the drive rather than the distance or power off the rubber.
  12. J

    Long Toss

    Were you able to clock her, and if so, did the results match your expectations?
  13. J

    Pure barrels or cut!

    I'm totally using this at work. "What do you mean incomplete data? Extrapolate People!"
  14. J

    Pure barrels or cut!

    Of course I see good posture and sequence in a major league swing. Especially when watching slow motion video. What I don't see, is anything about posture or sequence in any of the popular hitting demos. (I'm sure there are some out there, but the ones that get referenced on this site the most...
  15. J

    Pure barrels or cut!

    The problem I have with this, is that they say "swing down to the ball". They don't say "swing down to ball with proper sequence and posture from a FYB leveraged position". This all gets added by other people. So, if I'm to listen to the great hitters I would have to teach "swing down to the...