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Recent content by INSMAN

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    Timing help

    Ok DFP, I am in need of some help. I have an 11 yr old who is struggling with timing. Even hitting soft toss in the cage, she struggles (at first) to find her timing. After a bucket or two, she starts barreling the ball and driving it well. But in live pitching, the ball is almost in the mitt...
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    What would you do?

    This is what we experienced with the other team, and she developed at a fast pace. She was pushed to try to make plays without fear of failure. Diving infield and outfield drills became fun and she started making plays I never would've though she could make. Now, it is almost like the...
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    What would you do?

    DD is on a good team with a highly recognized organization. She loves playing with this particular group of girls. Here's the problem... They never practice at all. No fundamentals or anything on a consistent basis. Everyone is expected to practice on their own. But she hasn't developed at all...
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    2 seam VS 4 seam fastballs/disadvantage?

    My right handed 10yr old pitches both. The 4 seam is faster than the 2 seam. But the 2 seam has more movement, tailing away from a right handed batter. The spin is so much different between the two. The four seam is spinning like a small fast bullet and the 2 seam is like a fat slow bullet with...
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    Glove Model Recomendation

    I bought my daughter a Vinci RCV1250 when she was 8 because all of the cheap gloves got flimsy after a few months it seemed. She hated it then and breaking it in caused me to hate it even more than she did. So I got her a Worth Liberty and between me using the Vinci at practice, it finally broke...
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    Members, Moderators, and Private Eyes

    I had the same thing 3/13: Dear INSMAN, Someone has tried to log into your account on DiscussFastpitch.com - Softball Message Board with an incorrect password at least 5 times. This person has been prevented from attempting to login to your account for the next 15 minutes. The person trying...
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    8u practice and drills

    It has already been stated but... Keep them separated and keep them busy! 8U girls like to bunch up and talk about everything but softball. We like to split up into groups. We split up the infield and outfield and work on fundamentals. Properly fielding ground balls in the infield dropping the...
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    Atec colored balls

    Saw a great soft toss hitting drill using the Atec colored balls. I can't find them anywhere. Do they still make these?
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    Teaching beginners how to properly throw.

    Man, that was awesome. A lot of memories to look back on here.
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    Moving up ?

    The thought of her staying down to be a dominant player in 8U has crossed my mind and my wife's. Then it hit me that its not about what I want for her. But what does she want? So, we sat down and talked about it and because she is so close with the core group of girls that will be moving up, she...
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    Moving up ?

    This is what I was thinking. I appreciate the input!
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    Moving up ?

    Has anyone moved there DD up an age group? My DD is an 06 that played 8U TB this fall. The majority of the team are either late 06's or 05's that must move up to 10U this spring. So, in order to continue playing with this team, we will need to move up as well. Now, granted we love the team and...