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Recent content by hummingbird

  1. hummingbird

    Glove recommendations for 10U - $150 budget

    Agreed. Had to beat the snot out of it for a week using warm water, mallet, and Nakona conditioner. Still not fully broken in lol.
  2. hummingbird

    Glove recommendations for 10U - $150 budget

    Mizuno mvp prime is below 150. If you can shell out a lil more.. Go with mizuno pro select... You can find them around 200
  3. hummingbird

    Thoughts on a 15 year old trying to play for a travel team with no experience?

    I know catchers who didn't have knee problems, form knee problems from playing baseball as a catcher. I'm not saying that you shouldn't follow your dreams but just letting you know since you have disclosed you have knee issues. It's like adding fuel to a fire. There are other positions you can...
  4. hummingbird

    Bullet spin, spin/ball release.

    My DD had a bullet spin issue which always got worse when I had her try to throw harder. It led me to believe that her issue was due to her wrist being stiff and somewhat bent at release, causing a side spin release. I later confirmed this with a slow mo video that I took of her. The issue...
  5. hummingbird

    Where to start ?

    She's doing a much better job of staying tall here.. although she does appear to be doing the "monkey butt" trying to clear her hips. But she's staying open enough where I'd say she doesn't need to do that to clear her hips at all. Again I'd make sure you are working on one thing at a time...
  6. hummingbird

    Where to start ?

    Staying tall.. well one thing you can do which really helped my DD is take the ball out of her hands and have her pitch without it. I think one reason girls tend to lean on pitches is they feel like the closer they get to the target (by leaning head forward) the better chance they can hit their...
  7. hummingbird

    Where to start ?

    Just a few observations. I'm no pro so take it for what its worth. 1. Her drive foot should stay pointed toward the catcher before the stride. If you notice, she pivots it sideways before the stride. I believe most girls do this because they are preparing to get open during the stride. 2...
  8. hummingbird

    Where to start ?

    It's definitely normal. Even professionals go through flaws they need to work out from time to time.
  9. hummingbird

    Lock it in drill

    My DD never really got that great at this drill, but still somehow managed to be a decent pitcher so far. Take that for what it's worth. If you want to continue to be your DD's instructor, I would definitely listen to those who have told you to learn how to do the drill yourself first. Use a...
  10. hummingbird

    Zombie Drill Tips

    Not really a fan of drills either but I think in younger players, it can help break things down to make things easier to understand, and maybe have some fun in the process. As my DD has gotten older and more experienced in pitching, we've moved away from drills for the most part. Same is true...
  11. hummingbird

    Glove conditioner

    To be quite honest, I've used Vaseline jelly before, and although it is very similar, I feel the Nokona is much much lighter and thinner if that makes sense.
  12. hummingbird

    Glove conditioner

    I used Nokona conditioner after using warm water, massaging, and a DYI glove mallet for a few days. It was extremely stiff before this, to the point where I could barely close it. It's very soft now, but still holding it's shape.
  13. hummingbird

    The best cheap gloves out there?

    My DD is now using a Mizuno Pro Select. Excellent glove IMO. Worth it if you plan on playing for years.
  14. hummingbird

    The road to the circle!

    Her knee needs to straighten out to create better FSR. Also, just my opinion, others may disagree, but she needs to get a bit more open during the stride. Have her turn her foot in a bit more to achieve that. If she's 9, and just started pitching, and is reaching around 40mph, that's pretty...
  15. hummingbird

    The best cheap gloves out there?

    Mizuno MVP prime is pretty decent for the price at around 80 or so. If you want to go cheaper, the Mizuno Prospect served my DD well from 8u through 10u rec. Cost us about 30 dollars.

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