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    Girls or Ladies

    For some reason “let’s go players” doesn’t have the same ring as “let’s go ladies.” So for me it’s ladies or girls because that’s what they are. Not sure why it is considered non-PC to call a female child a lady or girl :unsure:
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    Opinions on Taylor pitching

    Teach her how to drive out/stride instead of just stepping forward and speed will increase. How old is she?
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    Coaching Power Struggle

    I think there is information that is being left out here. When the HC is gone is his wife running practices? When they are both gone are you running practices? If you are running practices as acting HC is the instruction still to let the 13 year old do her thing (which is completely absurd BTW)...
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    At what point Travel ball? or are we already too late.?

    First, it’s unfortunate she did not learn fundamental skills during her rec time. Second, please take the time (if you have it) to personally develop your daughters skills by working with her when you can. It sounds like you could help her learn more in a month than she learned over 2 years of...
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    Over aged players

    This is what I just went through this fall. We play in Dixie (rec) and this past year they moved the age cut off from January FORWARD to August. So my daughter and most of the rest of my team played one spring season of 10U and then we moved right on up to 12U (my daughter transitioned to 12"...
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    Parent has a problem with me as coach (long)

    This would not fly even on my rec team. This is complete disrespect to the coaches and the rest of the team who is presumably working hard. The HC needs to step up and be the HC. A good HC realizes that coaching young women is not all about softball, it is about life lessons. Allowing this type...
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    Playing with 7

    This is rec so no need to overthink this. If your pitching is good play one outfielder (who can run) and shift to oppo each at bat. Tell your infielders to be ready to run and get the ball in. And hopefully those 7 are pretty good hitters so they can hit around 6-7 times. Good luck.
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    Military Move coming up. If you could put your DD in any state? Where would it be?

    You certainly make quite a few assumptions with information you found online. Good luck to you.
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    10u pitching offseason amount?

    Not sure if your serious but :rolleyes: If you don’t know the difference between lifting a certain amount of direct weight (squats/bench/press) vs distributed body weight exercises then I’m not sure what to tell you. Also, I am pretty nobody has said to NEVER lift weights.
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    8 week pitching offseason workout

    This is my opinion but I wouldn't follow anything pitching related that was in an 8 week plan. Pitching is constant. Learning to pitch is a journey. I assume with your daughter being 9/10 that she needs to work on everything. Read the stickies. (This response is simple because you really...
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    is there a way to approach HC without being a jerk

    Honestly man, it seems like you and yours daughters expectations are that of a 12U B (A?) team but your playing on a 12U C/rec All Star team (this includes coaches and family relationships). Out of curiosity, why did you choose to move your 07 daughter to a 12U team full of 08's? I assume they...
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    7 “Pitchers” on team

    I think everyone appreciates honesty (the appreciation may come at a later time, lol). Judging by the fact that the parents think it is ok to contact you to discuss pitching time for their daughters who can't pitch, I think maybe they just do not understand the whole process (did they come to...
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    Dropped third not in play

    What age was this? Not even an infield fly situation so the ump had it wrong. Runners have to occupy 1/2 or 1/2/3 for an infield fly to be in play. Not sure how he could have called the lead runner out. Also, do we really expect a girl who just hit a ball to hear the infield fly call from the...
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    is there anything wrong with a quick underhand toss

    That's a silly thing to say, that they should never toss underhand. If there was enough time to bring the ball up and dart toss it then she could have just stepped on first base from 3-4 feet away (that seems really close). I always coach an underhand toss from inside 6 feet (maybe more...
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    New Coach - Need Help!

    I agree as to discussing playing the girls up to where they will play in the spring. You are not doing them any favors by playing them with 7-8 year olds, even if everyone else is doing it. I assume your 8U league is coach pitch. All those girls turning 10 (even those who turn 9 this year) will...

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