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    Which batter starts the next inning? A D3K situation.

    Yeah that doesn't even make sense. It would be equivalent of the batter hitting a hard grounder and the fielder making a tag on a base runner prior to the girl reaching 1st and having the batter hit again next inning. Seems strange an ump would make that call and stranger that your coach agrees...
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    Infield fly rule?!?!

    Yup, infield fly is in effect with runners on first AND second with less than two out and the ball could be caught with reasonable effort. Based on your information, it sounds like it was a pretty heads up play by the fielder to end the game.
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    First year 14's plus middle school sports

    Honestly the best thing you could probably do is to set a highly encouraged but optional weekly practice 1-2 nights per week and allow the girls that want to come work the opportunity. If it is just a few girls/families (I assume most of this is on the parents) that can't/won't attend, then so...
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    First year 14's plus middle school sports

    How long has this team been together? Did you not have a terms of agreement in place that addressed practices and expectations prior to the season or prior to offering girls a spot on the team? Do you have girls that miss tournaments for other sports? Do you even have options as far as selecting...
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    Five hour practice Saturday and Sunday at 12u

    While I agree 5 hours is far too much for a single practice, I always find it funny when the rationalization for excessive practice is what is quoted above. (Sorry to single you out because many in here have also said something to this effect). So a 5 hour practice on a weekend is not...
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    Excessive bunting?

    As for the specific question of your post, I think you are leaving out some details. Can these girls normally hit pretty well? Can they even bunt well? Is AC the hitting/bunting instructor in practice? Do you and your AC discuss offensive philosophy? If a girl is struggling to hit in general...
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    Excessive bunting?

    Without getting into the bunting part of the question, your AC should not be executing his philosophy if you are the HC and disagree. Sounds like a talk needs to be had here.
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    New Coach - Need Help!

    Just to follow up, PLEASE make sure you are developing the young ones appropriately. In practice, ensure you have a plan for development for all the ages. You're in a tough spot here becasue the skill development is VERY different for a 6-7 year old than it is for a 9-10 year old. IMHO, in no...
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    New Coach - Need Help!

    Out of curiosity I have two questions. First, how are 10 year olds allowed to play in 8U? Second, why does your rec league think its a good idea to group 6 year olds with 10 year olds? That is a recipe for something bad happening.
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    have you ever seen

    Maybe they ran out of spray paint
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    Sorry...:oops: I personally only think of one thing when I hear the word predator, and that is The Predator. And yes, All Stars is an excellent movie (It is a YouTube movie). My daughters love it.
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    I suppose it depends on what your word association is. There is a professional hockey team named the Predators. Everything is offensive or non-PC if you want it to be.
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    Select players playing rec ball – does your league ban it?

    That is an issue within your league. There has to be a draft to split talent amongst the teams. Travel teams using rec as a warm up/feel good League is also no good.
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    Select players playing rec ball – does your league ban it?

    This opinion is based on experience from my area only (central VA). This is exactly why rec leagues are hurting now. Why put a rule to limit quality players from playing rec? Having only 2-3 girls on a rec team that can even catch/throw a ball let alone pitch makes girls that can play want to...
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    New to I/R—ball going to the left consistently

    By no means am I even close to an expert but my daughter is also learning IR and I found when she is throwing left she is closing her body (even just slightly) to the catcher instead of remaining in the open (45) position. I may have no idea what I am talking about but when she focuses on...

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