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    Fly Rule for a Dummy

    If the fielder doesn't catch the ball, the runners don't have to tag.
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    Fly Rule for a Dummy

    This... If the SS is deep for instance and you have bases loaded with less than two out, having the runner on 3rd tag and go can sometimes catch people off guard cause it's not expected.
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    Fly Rule for a Dummy

    runner on 1st and 2nd with less than 2 outs. "it's on" Ball hit in the air and basically camped under it, "infield fly" should be called (All runners should tag up and most likely stay) the ball dropping doesn't matter the batter is still out and there is no force to run.
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    Best softball story

    I have a girl on my team (12u) a bigger, taller girl 5'9ish, with a lot of power. Runner on first that is super fast in front of her. I give her the Show bunt and take sign and she looks at me like I just lost my mind. So I give it again. She steps into the box, kinda shakes her head like what...
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    Swing experiment

    Slowpitch or fastpitch?
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    Scenario Rule-Baseball and/or softball

    If the runner was not tagged first the batter was out. Tag the runner and then touch the base double play.
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    I try to give every opportunity for a girl to "prove" herself as possible during tryouts especially. The girl from my story is a heck of a player now, great hitter and 1st baseman.....If I never tried her at first she wouldn't have made our team as an outfielder. So glad she was open and I...
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    I had a girl try out for our team. 12u and she was almost 6ft tall, bigger girl. She told me that she had only played outfield before. I asked her to take some balls at first to try it out. 1 season later she is full splits at 1st and is overall a wall over there. So sometimes a coach can see...
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    Softball war stories

    I had this happen to an ump while I was coaching 3rd. He got hit right in the junk, didn't go down but quickly turned away and was trying not to cuss. Fastest time I've ever called. Got my batter and just stood there with her and said "We are just giving the umpire some time here, you're doing...
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    When will travel ball start back up? Poll

    DFW USA softball - 12u NTX Edge
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    We have a player with the last name is shortened to Swiss, so the girls call her Cheese.
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    When will travel ball start back up? Poll

    They gave us the date of May 9th right now.
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    Pitcher daughter can't throw overhand to first base

    Fire that B to first underhand
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    My 12U DD missing away

    I will say that as a baseball guy my whole life....I really admire y'all who know pitching this well. I am trying to pick up what I can, but I will always refer my pitchers to their pitching coaches for corrections. I ask for key phrases to put in their heads as they are pitching and that's it...
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    All championships for NCAA sports are cancelled.

    Sucks for those in the Triple Crown event there.....if that even happens.

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