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  1. gmdetective

    List of Nursing Friendly Softball College Programs

    Catawba College Salisbury, NC. D2
  2. gmdetective

    Question for parents of college students

    That will help towards one semester of books, labs, parking, and meal plan.
  3. gmdetective

    Going to buy a new CF8 for $200

    We are fine with bats in our household but DD wants to try the CF8 and I only want to spend $200. How long or when do you think before it hits rock bottom, it will be 34/24. I see the new CF9 will drop around 6/1, will it be just before this to clear out inventory, or in the fall after the new...
  4. gmdetective

    Easton bats only on TV

    Anyone else notice the exclsive use of Easton bats by some teams on TV. I watched both Alabama play someone, and another game with Florida against someone else, all four of the teams only used Stealths, last yeat I saw a bunch of Zeno's in these SEC games. Is Easton comping these bats to...
  5. gmdetective

    Bat Jack: soft or hard?

    Confirmation I purchased a soft Bat Jack on Fri, 7/1 for my 12yo dd, do you send out confirmation of shipment? Thanks, Patrick Hunter Lady Lightning Blue 12U NC.
  6. gmdetective

    Amy- Total Control Sports Ball question

    I have 12 of the red plug TCB's that my 11 girls have used since the beginning of the year. So that includes weekly practices, multiple times warming up between tournaments, and every other day at home with my DD. What I notice is that the balls are now more squishie then they used to be, which...
  7. gmdetective

    Coach says DD drops back shoulder

    Greetings all, During our last practice my DD's coach mentioned to her about dropping her back shoulder was causing her to hit popups. I don't really see it, looks more to me like she is trying to get her bat on the plane of the lower pitch. What should I be looking for?, like I said he seems to...
  8. gmdetective

    Quick hands

    Concerning the Progressive Ball Drill, is this done with side toss, off the tee, or front toss?
  9. gmdetective

    Who's from North Carolina?

    Another Randolph Co., Asst. Coach Lady Lightning Blue 12U
  10. gmdetective

    Good online sporting goods stores?

    Longstreth.com I've found a new site that has been exceptional in pricing and variety. Longstreth- Women's Field Hockey, Softball, and Lacrosse Patrick Hunter 12U DC Cougars

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