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Recent content by G8trhwk

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    Newer Anderson Rocketech

    Been a few weeks since we've played because of the covid lock down but my DD is loving her 2020 RT , 2 Home runs last tourney and several laser line drive doubles this winter , as coresoftball commented I guess we got lucky and my kid is one of the 1% that can actually swing a RT. A $450 bat...
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    Newer Anderson Rocketech

    Thanks guys we picked up the 2020 rocketech 33 drop 9 havent got to see it in action yet.
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    Newer Anderson Rocketech

    Havent found any recent discussions here but some older threads made it seem like the bats hadn't been the same since the company changed hands. The reason I'm posting is because my daughters new hitting instructor asked what size bat she was using the other day (32 drop 9 LXT) and said she was...
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    Hello !

    Softball dad/coach of a 13 yr. Old club ball player from Iowa. G8tr = fla. Gators hwk = iowa hawkeyes. Thanks for the add !