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Recent content by Flexmike18

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    Best pitching velocity drills?

    Yeah tried smaller ball today really got her arm speed moving love that idea. Finished with 12inch ball.
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    Best pitching velocity drills?

    Ok great information will try involving some of those long toss ideas and maybe core strengthen movements. Speed was 46-49 at 10u. We just jumped to 12u for fall ball played 20 games with today being last tournament of the year she is still on the smaller side of other 2 pitchers so maybe with...
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    Best pitching velocity drills?

    I really appreciate all the info guys will try some of these drill and concepts.
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    Best pitching velocity drills?

    yeah that's a good philosophy strength and speed can only help with time growing into her body. Again she is the smallest pitcher on the team which goes hand-in-hand with speed and strength. Yes long toss with intent will be big positive this offseason. Thanks for all the info
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    Best pitching velocity drills?

    Again actual game speed is only 44 -46 she never throws as hard as she does when we're just messing around. also maybe when we start to grow a little might get a little stronger.
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    Best pitching velocity drills?

    Yes we played 10U this spring but jumped up to 12u this fall for about 10 games longer-distance bigger ball slow her down. Game speed 44 -46 me and her trying to throw fast 46-48.
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    Best pitching velocity drills?

    And again 50 mph is just a number that he gave us at 11 being a first-year 12u is just a number we can strive for LOL
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    Best pitching velocity drills?

    Yeah thank you we started doing more long toss recently. We will know as we get into the winter months and recheck her speed to see how things are going. How much is too much long toss if you don't mind me asking days per week
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    Best pitching velocity drills?

    Well just putting this out there daughter just turned 11 now pitching with the 12 inch ball speeds have dropped just throwing the bigger ball as expected. Her coach hopes she can be close to 50 by next spring just wondering if that's a long shot or do any of you dads pitchers have any good...
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    Dugout player spacing for games?

    Playing like normal only difference is mask in the dugout no distancing all coaches allowed in dugout some umpires are behind pitchers some not it's there choice.
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    No hand shake, No apology needed?!

    Really have not seen much change coaches still hand shaking before game last weekend. However you may feel its your option to do as you feel comfortable.
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    At what point do you, or you DD decide that she's not going to make it as a pitcher?

    At 10 she still has plenty of room to grow get stronger faster she may blossom into a great pitcher. I would let her decide if its still fun to her let her stick it out a couple more years. What is her speed at 10?
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    Simple Words That Help

    Now you saw it .
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    Anyone still playing? Got shut down again here in So Cal

    We played 5 games this weekend had a blast watching the girls enjoy the game. And hopefully another 5 next weekend. Tournaments started first weekend of June.

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