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    22 players on ROSTER

    Quite a few people here say bigger roster is better for competition for a position. But what if your DD, who's a very good player, yet can't get that starting spot?....You'd be happy with her sitting on the bench all the time because she just "didn't work hard enough" to get a starting...
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    Dropped Ball?

    The ground didn't cause the ball to come out, she rolled with it, quickly came out of her roll on her feet, that's when the ball fell out.
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    Dropped Ball?

    I kind of figured that, coach was arguing it was a transfer. What would happen if the LF caught a easy fly ball For third out, then Started to jog in and ball fell out of the glove after 2-3 steps, would you call that a catch?
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    Dropped Ball?

    Our LF came charging in on a short pop up, made the catch, took 4 steps and did a shoulder roll and quickly popped up, on way up, the ball came out of her mitt and hit the grass, catch or no?
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    Is schadenfreude OK?

    Ah, new team, they'll figure it out soon enough that the good players will move on, and the team will fall apart.
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    At what point does chanting go from annoying to un sportsmanlike?

    Kids may not be bothered by it, but what about the girls who are doing the taunting chants?....What are you teaching them? That it's ok to ridicule someone who messes up?
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    At what point does chanting go from annoying to un sportsmanlike?

    Well, there are police in real life because some people just can't police themselves.......
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    At what point does chanting go from annoying to un sportsmanlike?

    As an umpire, I've shut down chants twice for being a bit nasty against the opposite team, they were 12 U, I forgot what they were now, but I felt they were inappropriate. I told the coach, chant for your team, not against the other team.
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    Some rules to Ponder.......

    USSSA RULES: 236. A thrown ball makes contact with a bat or glove left laying outside the dugout (in live ball territory) by the a) defensive, or b) offensive team. Ruling - in a) and b), the ball is DEAD and a BLOCKED BALL is ruled. In a), when a blocked ball is caused by the defense, the...
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    No hand shake, No apology needed?!

    If I ever meet you Rad, I'll give you the high sign......
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    A thread for the umps...what would you do’s, oddball plays, war stories

    Right on Wildcat!...Welcome to the club, brother!....Only 2nd year here, and I've learned, if you make the call (especially by yourself) then its the call that's gonna stand. I had a 12U rec game this year by myself behind the pitcher. Girl gets a hit, the girl on third comes home, and the...
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    Still Lost on the infield fly rule

    How the Man in Blue handles unruly coaches: (warning: Harsh language)
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    Still Lost on the infield fly rule

    The Man In Blue......
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    Some rules to Ponder.......

    USSSA RULE: 231. The batter hits a pitched ball to right field for a single and attempts to reach second base. The outfielder's high throw is knocked to the ground by F4's thrown glove. F4 then picks up the ball and tags the batter-runner before she reaches the base. Ruling - DELAYED DEAD...
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    Is this obstruction?

    Well, I wouldn't call obstruction unless something actually happens, like if the catcher throws the ball to 3B and runner gets tagged out. I wouldn't award home, but she wouldn't be out. I'd also give the 3B a warning about it, and if she did it after that, I'd toss her for unsporting behavior.

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