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    Anyone had luck returning an Easton bat without original receipt?

    Sure have you are allowed one return without receipt, just tell them you cant find it and they will email you a code, then on the return form fill it all out and click don't have receipt then put in what the customer service rep. tells you to do. Send bat off and the service rep. will put it on...
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    2020 Louisville x20 coming june 6

    Anybody know about the new Louisville lxt x20 coming out in June 6, it’s all black and yellow? And the new Louisville x20 rxt black and redish orange , looks awesome?
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    2020 Ghost...Due out June 10'ish

    I for one will never buy an Easton product again. You are allowed one replacement under warranty but they gave me two and now this one is toast. Everyone I had cracked in the same spot, it should be unlimited replacement with in a year. Its not my fault that this ghost blue bats are cracking its...
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    Atec rookie pitching machine

    I have an atec rookie pitching machine and I don't have a pocket radar to see what the speed is. I have a dial from 1-10 and looking to see if anybody knows what the setting is to get the speed around 60mph? I would like the set the machine from 50 -60 mph but don't know what number it should be...
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    Demarini Prism

    I have the crack just like that on my dd ghost since we bought it.
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    2018 Easton Ghost

    Daughter just got her ghost today and we went out for a quick batting to see how the bat feels. The ghost is alittle heavier than her 2018 xeno, I was surprised with that.
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    For sale 2018 demarini cfx hope 32/22

    Wow no interest at all in this bat?
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    For sale 2018 demarini cfx hope 32/22

    Have a 2018 demarini cfx hope for sale $150 plus shipping cost. Daughter has hit it about 50 times, like new not even broken in yet. She just wants to stay with her xeno, she's not a demarini fan. Pm me for pictures or will try to upload them when I get home. Will be shipped from Detroit...
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    anybody know or try 2019 Mizuno Power Carbon -10 Fastpitch

    Has anybodys daughter tried the 2019 Mizuno Power Carbon -10 Fastpitch the purple one. I think its a remake of the mizuno ghost, made upgrades and improvments from the first design? It looks like every girl that trys it loves it and says the pop on it is out of this world. Its double barrel...
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    Bats for sale

    I sent you a pm
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    Easton mako for sale fp16mk11 32”

    Easton mako 32” 21oz. For sale $100 plus what the shipping cost is should be around $20. Maybe 100 balls hit t work and soft toss. She just didn’t like the bat, she never liked how the Easton bats felt. Been sitting in closet ever since, time to get rid of it. I have pics but don’t know how to...
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    Need information please about selling bats?

    Is it ok to put used bats on here forsale? Have three bats she didn't use only in soft toss and would like to try to sell them? thanks
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    Got a beef with these bat company's warranty programs!!

    So there is a girl on our team that broke her new 2018 Louisville slugger Xeon and she was very upset knowing how much her parents paid for the bat. So I told her dad no big deal to email Louisville with pictures and ask to send bat back in exchange for a new one. Now this is when the B.S...

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