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    Slapper hit by pitch

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    13yr old pitcher analysis any suggestions

    Can you bring her to Kansas this week, were down 2 of our top pitchers....
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    Wrist pain

    Check with her Pitching Coach and make sure she is using proper mechanics. Or post a few videos here and someone more knowledgeable will help you. Release side video, back and front videos. Good thing to keep chart on pitches thrown in game and practices. Pitch counts add up with Excel...
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    When to move a player to a higher level team?

    You promise your Daughter that she will still be friends with her old teammates. Your going to crush her little heart strings and tears will flow but you assure her the move is for playing with better players and against the toughest competition around. But it is your job to keep moving her...
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    Any services "worth" purchasing?

    What am I doing wrong? Hubspot keeps asking me for a webdomain? Maybe I am not downloading the correct free software option?
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    How about that an illegal pitch!!!

    LSU vs Minnesota
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    How about that an illegal pitch!!!

    Some Tigerdroppings: https://www.tigerdroppings.com/rant/lsu-sports/softball-illegal-pitches/83665396/
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    13 IP 5-7-19 Ole Miss

    Sorry if its already been posted https://www.softballamerica.com/stories/ole-miss-georgia-series-overshadowed-by-13-illegal-pitch-calls-in-first-two-games/
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    Illegal Bat Issue Observed at a Tourney

    ASA rules I guess. They are strict. Girls were hitting home runs and nesx time up the other team questioned the bat. And tried to get the previous home run disallowed. Our Coach Just didn't know that you can't use an USSSA Ghost bat in an ASA tournament. Girl even asked Coach if it was...
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    Trine College trick play.

    Deception? Heard a few years ago at Nationals coach got ejected from game and suspended for rest of Nationals. My DD really likes this play though. She must get it from her Mom. ;-)
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    Pitching question:

    Pictures, Video Please or else it didn't happen. ;-)
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    Illegal Bat Issue Observed at a Tourney

    ASA rules. Saw Player and Head Coach get tossed from the Game. Second Inning. USSSA Ghost 2 weeks ago.
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    Crow hopping

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    Quick pitch

    Just saw that. Indiana vs Northwestern 1st inning. NW @ bat, batter had hand up while Ump lowered hers. Pitcher delivered, Strike 3! Batter still had hand up !
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    Barhill hurts plant leg


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