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  1. druer

    Once in a lifetime opportunity to play softball in Australia

    July 13-25, 2017 (as in next year not this summer so don't panic that you are missing anything you've committed to for this summer) .... I will be leading a team of high school and college players to Australia to represent the sport and our country as part of America's Team. After having led...
  2. druer

    Talented players with character needed for travel to Spain

    I have had 3 players go with all or nearly all of the money raised outside their family. The most money raised with GoFundMe and the family would update their Facebook every couple of days sharing who had helped their daughter out and tag them whenever they could. I wrote letters for my players...
  3. druer

    Talented players with character needed for travel to Spain

    Glad your daughters had such a great time. My first trip was to Italy and I loved the whole experience so much I went back for the same trip in 2013. Looking forward to providing this opportunity to other young ladies and their families and seeing something new. I start all my teams with players...
  4. druer

    Questions about skills video

    Be sure to check out the great tips that the NFCA provides free of charge. The entire magazine is dedicated to helping you and DD build confidence you are doing the right things, and if you scroll to page 18 there are some great tips on the making your skills video specifically. ISSUU - NFCA...
  5. druer

    Talented players with character needed for travel to Spain

    I'm looking for a few HS aga players to complete a team I will be taking to Spain July 6-14, 2015 as part of America's Team. If you are interested please watch the video to be sure this is a good fit for you. Then email me at CoaclDalton@Ruer.US or just call me directly at 678-943-0064. I will...
  6. druer

    Making Dreams a Reality

    After nearly a year of effort my book entitled GPS Based Goals is now complete and available for download completely free of charge. The examples in the book all revolve around softball, but the concepts apply to anyone who has a dream in life. Your Dream! Your Goals! Your Work! Your Success...
  7. druer

    Base running like you've never seen it

    She has spent a lot of time working on form. You do pose an interesting concept. I will definitely have to put the helmet on several girls and then compare. Great idea!!!!
  8. druer

    Base running like you've never seen it

    The game hasn't changed much over the years but technology has come down to a price that I was able to afford to film a perspective of a run from home to home with a flat out dive like you've probably never experienced it ... from the players helmet. In this very quick clip you get to see one of...
  9. druer

    fastpitch running skills

    Seems like a great plan to me. As soon as I achieved that with my team we started working on a 2" height difference. It was tough but when that was done we focused on a 2 shade of eye color difference. We didn't have much time to catch, throw or hit or score runs but that is kind of secondary...
  10. druer

    How do Softball players stack up in other sports?

    My feeling has always been that softball players are the best athletes in the world. And that you could even blind fold them and they could compete in other sports. So I did just that, I blindfolded players on my team and just let the catcher provide instruction. It took a few minutes, but...
  11. druer

    Warming up like you want to play the game

    A huge part of success involves actually warming up like you expect to play the game. Yet teams spend tons of timing throwing and catching in a quiet environment just staring straight at each other. An environment that they will NEVER be in once the game starts. This brief video demonstrates a...
  12. druer

    How many swings per week?

    The answer is that each player should take as many cuts per week with as much focus and purpose as is required for her to believe she can't possibly miss the ball any at bat against any pitcher. If she swings 500 times but walks up to bat afraid, she needs more/better swings. If she takes 10 dry...
  13. druer

    Making a timid girl "Ms. Attitude"

    Let her know when she faces the 14U girls I instruct they are trying to take her head off and won't have any sympathy if she doesn't react quickly enough to get her glove on it. ;) [jk they will feel sorry but she doesn't need to know that] I would ask her to decide if she wants to help the...
  14. druer

    Pull Hitter

    Girls are instructed at a very young age ... hit the ball to the left side because that 5 year old can't possibly throw you out. A lot of that has to do with the fact that most girls have terrible swings so when they hit it to the left side the bat has more rotational speed and is "ripped" while...
  15. druer

    Teaching 8U how to slide

    The video link is a very short segmant from the Sliding DVD that is available in the Winning the Short Game series available at www.GetDirtyFastpitch. Rather than trying to explain the bat drill, this clip shows 3 different girls of different ages, youngest happens to be 7 at the time I shot it...

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