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    Advice for 9 year old I'm working with...

    She looks GREAT for a 9-year old. In fact, the only advice I'd have is to tame that wind up down a little bit at the top. She goes way back with her hands. Might not bother her now, but over time that is a lot of continuous (and unnecessary) strain on her shoulders.
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    Screwball examples?

    The "screwball" my DD's Tincher instructor taught her was nothing more than a step left/throw right thing.
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    Screwball examples?

    Those are beautiful views and you can easily see the spin of the ball. 1. Riseball = bullet spin 2. Screwball = bullet spin So yeah, they are pretty much the same pitch thrown to different locations. :D
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    Pitching analysis 14u Please

    She looks really good. I picked up the same drive issues as DrRiello. My 2 cents: 1. Do 7 step run-throughs. Just like a walk through, but actually running. After about 1000, her body will figure things out. 2. Get her mind on her stride leg, specifically the knee. Right now she is...
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    Forearm fire and Internal Rotation

    Back in the original Forearm Fire vs. Internal Rotation thread, someone made a hilarious GIF of Phil demonstrating Forearm Fire (that really illustrated the point)....wish I could find it.
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    Tell me about “Reverse Pitching”...

    You are probably thinking of this post from the Drive Mechanics stciky: https://www.discussfastpitch.com/threads/drive-mechanics.18135/page-2#post-229915 Its basically the result of poor drive mechanics. How to address it is contained within that post.
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    release issue - spin axis

    The best way to stripe/color a ball is the way the pitcher can most easily identify the spin. The can be different from pitcher to pitcher.
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    Positioning of feet during the pitch

    Pitching from parallel is pointless because it does nothing to simulate what actually takes place during a pitch. Why would you want to drill in a position where you cannot effectively train brush? And why would you want your hips to stay open at 90 degrees through the pitch?
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    Nunthia vs. Boardmember Smackdown 2020

    In essence: 1. Nunthia claims BM is wrong about IR. 2. Some video showing Nunthia pitching/instructing (which, at 80 years old is damn impressive) is posted. 3. BM points out that Nunthia is using IR to throw despite what Nunthia thinks he is doing. 4. Heads explode.
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    Fell Victim to the Chinese Change Up

    No, that would just be a basic slingshot pitch. This pitcher could be very effective still if she would just stop her arm after release. What makes this pitch from her so deceptive, in my opinion, is that her slingshot windup looks exactly like her regular pitch windup. My DD used to throw a...
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    Fell Victim to the Chinese Change Up

    Because the umpires didn't know the rules and the coaches didn't know enough to protest it. That isn't even close to legal under any ruleset.
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    Do I even try to teach pitching?

    This is exactly what I was going to say.
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    Gearing up

    And the cleats! :D:D I don't use a full chest protector though. Just a padded undershirt.
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    Gearing up

    I'm too old for nonsense.
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    12U Pitcher Evaluation Please

    The video is hard to make any meaningful comment on, but in general she has a crow hop and monkey butt posture. The arm circle and whip (the most important factors) are very hard to evaluate, but don't look too bad. Her poor posture will prevent an effective whip/brush action however.

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