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Recent content by djcarter1966

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    I'm not sure I agree with premise since it's early I'm not going to say my vote...although that's pretty funny right now...lol While there are things that are more prominent or important and that is why we do certain isolation drills to make sure hitter understand or can feel what something or...
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    Alexis 11yrs

    All in all looking good...along with Pattar I'd like to see a game swing just curious about her lower body stride then positioning just after looks kinda stiff, looking to see if she is a little more lose with a live swing. Plus she looks preloaded and coiled doesn't look like she moves her back...
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    Addison 12U Blast Swing

    Nice...not going to do the whole swing breakdown thing cause I'm guessing since she is just bombing it off the tee it's not her "real"/live"swing. Just don't overdo it looking for great numbers and missing out on keeping good form ;) .
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    Just when you thought you have seen it all.... covid related

    It is just hard to say....in my younger days I would have given the ump one last chance as I walked away are you sure that is your stance? OK and handed my pitcher the two most mushy balls in the bucket. My older wiser self, as long as their balls weren't' terrible, would just move on.
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    Would you expect this

    ^^^^ Pretty much this if you aren't going to enforce it just move on and accept the international standard. but to the OP...NO this is rarely if ever getting called. Part of the reason is because umpires don't have slo-mo zoomed in video they have to call it on the spot from where they are at...
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    wrist band wearing on belt

    Exactly when I umped it was simple if you didn't notice during warm ups, which I usually tried to do, as they get to the box, hey you forgot about your earings, to which the girl would say oh I'm so sorry run back to dugout and hand them to coach and 15 seconds later it's "play ball".
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    Sliding Aggresively Question (AKA Taste the Dirt)

    Yeah I was never a fan of of the takeout either although I definitely played during that era and especially at second for the DP you had better take out 2B or you might find yourself sitting next inning. I will tell you what I am not a fan of a see alot though is the 2B putting the leg down...
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    Hitting off of live pitching at practices??

    ^^^ This exactly....it is a big reason I learned to pitch and it was at 12U (rec all star level), this way I could control what was going on for the most part..lol since I wasn't that great. I could pitch an a bat basically then if they didn't hit I could say OK two more pitches and give them a...
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    I love coaching, but my daughter hates me.

    At 12U I made a deal with my asst coach our daughter were both stubborn my played mostly OF and his P and IF so he coached the OF and I did IF. Basically we would interact with our DD as least amount possible during practice. He trusted me and I trusted him and our DD were OK with listening...
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    14u video analysis

    All good advice about shortening the back foot stance on drive, also does look like she compensates by starting to the right of power line, striding forward to the left of the line so her arm follows through on the line she really should try and be straight with everything and not be left then...
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    Not the way it was supposed to go

    I wouldn't do much first week after that see how it's healing. Guess depends where it is back foot or front as to what kind of drills I might do. Although if its on the pad it must be painful.
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    10 Items That Should Always Be In Your Coach’s Bag

    Definitely some kind of multitool, the rule book is key as well but probably just a given, the strap thing is a good idea, my DD always made sure she had extra products in her bag but team mom is another lifeline when this happens.
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    COACHES~HIT or WALK whats better?

    I'm with Sweet Lou...you want them to swing but they can't chase. Striking out trying to make contact doesn't do you any good. Had a couple situations like this that stick out and honestly the ones that stick out are when the kid comes through, maybe a dozen times it doesn't work out but I...
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    COACHES~HIT or WALK whats better?

    Lol....this is so me and my DD honestly.
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    At some point you have to adjust, if a pitcher can locate the ball and the umpire will give the pitch one to two ball off the plate at the knees and your team only swings at pitches in the "zone" guess what, all your players will also be 0fer and you won't score a run. I think though after a...