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    So, how did Colorado go for some of you?

    Eric and I discussed my experience out there, and we were part of the not-very-good experiences. DD2 and I were in a boat that went sideways into a bridge abutment. We all went into the river, and it was the scariest experience of my life. We had been rafting the year before and the roughest...
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    Not my kids, but almost...

    During the summer between DD1's freshman and sophomore years in HS, DW and I were on campus for some event and the principal approached us. Fresh off the heels of the school's first appearance in the post-season in over 12 years, the 10 year softball coach had decided to resign from the...
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    HS Rules - HBP

    Was it called a ball or a strike? In college, the batter has to try to avoid getting hit by a pitch that is not entirely in the batter's box, and they can't try to get hit by the pitch either. The umpire has some room for judgement in both instances and is told to err on the side of the...
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    High School Season 2019

    This will be DW's and mine 4th year coaching HS ball, and the first one without DD1 since she graduated. We realize we were fortunate to not have to worry about who was going to pitch for the last 3 years because DD1 was there. We have two sophomores that can pitch and both have potential, but...
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    Defensive shifts

    I've only noticed it once. 12u travel, for a right-handed batter, the opposition shifted their outfield so that the RF played near the line, CF was actually in right-center, and the LF was playing near CF, shading a bit into left-center. Left field was complete open. The pitcher was very fast...
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    correct call or not?

    NCAA is the only rule set I know of that has changed the penalty for IP to just awarding a ball to the batter. The other rule sets still also award a base to any runner on base. This is not detailed enough to say for sure if IP was called correctly. By "started, stopped, then started again" do...
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    After meeting with organizations recruiting coordinator

    And just FYI, USC does field a club level softball team that competes in the the National Club Softball Association. The NCSA conducts annual regional playoffs and a world series championship tournament. So, depending on how serious she is about playing in college vs. how serious she is about...
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    Could be the most frightening 8 words ever uttered on the sidelines

    So am I the only one who secretly LIKES to keep score? I'm fluent in paper/pencil scorekeeping, GameChanger, and iScore.
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    How cold is too cold?

    Believe it or not, my DD1 has played in temps in the high-20s here in SoCal. 8am games in Lancaster in February are no joke. Luckily, it *shot up* to the mid-60s by noon.
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    rounding 1st on a walk

    Which organization's rule set are you using? Please provide the rule number, if possible. I ask because in most, if not all, of the major rule sets discussed on these forums, the batter-runner is allowed to stop once between the bases, and either immediately continue on to the next base or...
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    Runner hit by batted ball

    When I started umpiring, this is how determining interference vs. live ball on this type of play was explained to me. Not sure if this is written in any case play or rule book, but it has served me well in deciphering this rule. This includes how to determine whether the ball has "passed an...
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    Dead ball batter/runner safe after interference call?

    Comp- Could the umpire, in the scenario presented, deem that the interference was an attempt to break up a double play and enforce the second out, or is that mostly reserved for plays around second base?
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    Venting. Not a softball thread

    Response: "Cool. Since you already have a buyer for the car, I'll just stop wasting your time and move on to a dealership ready to make a deal today. Thank you for your time."
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    How are Try Outs going?

    *checks calendar* This is still July, right?
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    Show me the shade!!

    It stands just fine. It is, however, very susceptible to wind, so we usually clip it to a fence, or tie it down to the stand with bungie cords. The Sportsbrella pole is much more narrow than the opening of the stand, so the stand isn't going to hang on to it.

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