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    We just lost our best player (ability wise) this weekend. Super talented, major aggressive, great glove....MAJOR ATTITUDE. Finally got to the point where her mom and dad just pulled her off the team because she just couldn't handle her emotions on the field. Hopefully, they get her squared away at some point. Weird thing is, we played better without her. Big hole in our lineup though. She was our cleanup. Almost always hit it hard somewhere.
    We are all 02. There is one 03 but she has always played with this group. The main core of the team was on the squad last year (all 02 players and we took 2nd at ASA A state). We just dropped two players from last year and added 3 better ones.
    What killed us with Glory was some poor outfield play. We don't see that many big hitters and haven't practiced but 1 time a week this fall. Come spring we will be ready for them.
    Was your daughter on the Texas Cobras 02? I was impressed how well that team finished. Beating Dirt Divas was the shock of the tournament I think for everyone. We ended up loosing twice to Glory so we came in 2nd. :( It wasn't a bad showing however since we only practice 1 time a week in the fall due to soccer.
    She plays for the Lady Stros 02 Gold. She is the main catcher for the team that wears red gear. We will be up there this week. Hopefully we take first
    DD is a '99. We live in the Spring/Klein area. :) She's played up in '97 this Spring but has been in '99 before that. Are you Texas Cobras? What age group?
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