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    Hi From Anaheim CA! Lanes available!

    My name is Scott, I had 2 daughters in Rec and Travel back in the day. Wouldn't trade those times for anything! I have a facility in Anaheim that has lanes available for rent. Instructors, parent/coaches etc. $25.00 per hour. If interested call 714-936-6642
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    Facility has Lane available for Instructors

    Just the West coast for now! :)
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    Facility has Lane available for Instructors

    LOL sorry not yet!
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    Facility has Lane available for Instructors

    East Anaheim CA. See attached photos. rubber mat floor, screens, seating area for parents etc. 25.00 per hour. Call Scott 714-936-6642
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    Training facility has lane available! East Anaheim

    Lane available for instructor in East Anaheim Facility. See photos. $25 per hour to use. Pitching, hitting, fielding, whatever you like! Call Scott 714-936-6642
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    Need help with signs...

    Signs For throwdowns to bases in the past I've used a hand on the knee corresponding to the base (1st or 3rd). For bunt defenses (ist & 3rd crashing or just one) I've used colors, i.e. blue for third crashes and the pitcher has the 1st base line, white for 1B crashing and pitcher covers 3b...
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    When to consider converting a slap hitter?

    Converted 2 players on our team As a coach who converted 2 righty's 12 months ago in 12U A ball I can tell you it's a lot of work! The player must be committed (as well as the parents) and you must put up with a lot of failure / learning curve especially at the more advanced TB levels. At the...

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