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  1. CoachKevin

    Outfield strategy

    That depends upon the location of the pitch as well. I am sure the defense as explained above, they were throwing everything away just hoping she would try and pull the outside pitch... which results in being 0-2 :)
  2. CoachKevin

    No swing rule on 3-0 count

    Our HC also gives the take sign 3-0 everytime... it drives me crazy, as others have said its situational dependent.
  3. CoachKevin

    Two infield throwing questions regarding technique

    Just one thing to consider, I played 1B for a few years on a men's FP team, our SS threw 3/4 and had a pretty wicked tail on his throws. There were times where it broke so late I couldn't get my glove over quick enough.
  4. CoachKevin

    The "Hissy-Quit"

    Yes ^^^^ above. IMO there are two times to have pick up players, if a team needs a certain position player because the team member is hurt/gone/ whatever... or using some going to (insert name) Nationals just to get some experience and knowingly that playing time will be limited, in fact maybe...
  5. CoachKevin

    The "Hissy-Quit"

    Wee let's be honest here, 99.9% of the teams are not afforded that luxury to have these types people helping develop players.
  6. CoachKevin

    Once on the Team, Always on the Team?

    After the season you know which kids you would like to return. We ask them we would love to have you for another season. If they accept, we then hold tryouts for the remaining positions. Returners don't have to "tryout", but are required to come and get to know the potential players...
  7. CoachKevin

    Wristband sign chart

    I think the majority of the teams in the Baseball CWS all used the wristband system?
  8. CoachKevin

    Bunt coverage

    We run 1, corners crash F4 covers 1B, F6 covers 2B, and depending upon who fields the ball, either F1 or F5 covers 3B. Haven't had a runner go from 1st to 3rd in a couple of years.
  9. CoachKevin

    The "Hissy-Quit"

    Oh I agree with you whole heartedly. Just telling you that it doesn't matter the age... tears still flow :)
  10. CoachKevin

    The "Hissy-Quit"

    It doesn't change much at any age. Let me preface this by saying I'm not in any way referring to your DD's ability, just showing you that tears happen in any age. Our 18 team had a great defensive 1B, but she lacked the ability to hit. We had another 1B that wasn't as good digging balls out...
  11. CoachKevin

    Merging multiple players from one team into another team

    You should really have a Team/Parent Meeting as soon as possible (mandatory)
  12. CoachKevin

    How important are stats?

    No she flubbed it... A SAC bunt right to her :)
  13. CoachKevin

    How important are stats?

    But which one is correct? In our game, I believe our scorekeeper was correct. Case in point, our pitcher fielded a bunt, dropped it, then threw to 1B late. Our scorekeeper gave an E-1... the "official" scorekeepers at the game gave a hit.
  14. CoachKevin

    Player ejected-Little League

    Yup, a FB up and in at the letters looks way different than a FB low and away
  15. CoachKevin

    How important are stats?

    Same as our scorekeeper... he was pretty brutal too. In fact, we were playing in Canada and had scoreboards and scorekeepers. After the final game (which was a good one, lost in INT) the scoreboard showed us with 1 error, game changer has us with 3 errors... hahaha

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