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  1. CoachKevin

    What to do when a coach teaches something blatantly wrong and dangerous

    The simple fact that the coach said, "that's why my DD is hitting and yours isn't"... I would be looking for another team ASAP.
  2. CoachKevin

    interference by 3rd base coach??

    She didn't take home, there was NO play at the plate... Backdoor at third... maybe, except it was a wild throw and from the sounds of it away from the catcher, so I doubt a backdoor play as well.
  3. CoachKevin

    Parent has a problem with me as coach (long)

    While I agree the HC should back his AC's... it really goes the other way, the AC's have to back the HC. If you don't agree with what the HC is doing, say your piece and then either go with what the HC does, or leave simple as that. Staying where the Coaches are not in agreement is a set up...
  4. CoachKevin

    interference by 3rd base coach??

    Key statement on the Rules you posted... Hinder the defense from making a play.... Which play was hindered?
  5. CoachKevin

    Player leaving

    Yeah at 14 the player needs to start taking responsibility for herself, at least she should came with the parent... but she should have told you herself.
  6. CoachKevin

    Player leaving

    You didn't mention age group... but for the player not coming to at least say goodbye, that sucks. We don't have many players that leave our team, but those that do, we wish them luck (only thing you can do) and anytime I see them at the field, I make sure to talk to them and see how they are...
  7. CoachKevin

    Parent has a problem with me as coach (long)

    I've been an AC for our HC for many years... My whole philosophy is two fold; one, I give my input on things but support the HC with the final decision (I may go to the old, "I told you so" every once in a while.. haha). And two, I tell everyone I am just there to lift heavy things for the HC...
  8. CoachKevin

    Playing Time

    There are always gray areas when it comes to practice to me. A couple of years ago we had a player that was pretty late to almost every practice. Eventually I started hearing some of the players complaining about it. I had to tell them, "You know she lives about 70 miles away, her mother works...
  9. CoachKevin

    State Championship Game-Rain Delay Rules

    Would this even be a post if let's say, the team took the field and got 3 quick outs?
  10. CoachKevin

    Been away for a few

    Awesome video Mike. What type of Drone do you have?
  11. CoachKevin

    Playing all players

    They are running out of gas because they are not conditioning on their own. Period
  12. CoachKevin

    What to do... How to help/fix?

    Interesting enough, if both come in for relief they do better than if they start. Not really an option to have the #1 start every game though :). It depends on the team we are playing, if it is a comparable hitting team to us, then yes the drop off is pretty noticeable. It's frustrating that...
  13. CoachKevin

    What to do... How to help/fix?

    Well the weather has been pretty horrible here for softball. I think only a couple of those games have even gone 6 innings, so the IP are correct. The #1 has thrown 26.2 IP as comparison. Thanks for the input.
  14. CoachKevin

    What to do... How to help/fix?

    We are a mid-level 18A Team, with 3 pitchers. #1 is pretty good except she has medical issues and she could last a whole game, or only half a game depending on how she is feeling. The problem is #2 and #3. We have allowed the catchers to call their own game (it has created some problems...
  15. CoachKevin

    7 “Pitchers” on team

    I always love these... "Yeah, she has good numbers, because she only plays against the weakest teams". I once had a father of a pitcher approach me wondering why his DD wasn't pitching much (She threw meatballs down the middle and as much as we tried, she wouldn't change) I told the HC about...

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