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    Curve ball drill: The student becomes the teacher

    Yes, that's what I was thinking. I have seen pitchers pivot on the elbow, resulting in the wrist coming away from the body. I appreciate the patience and continued explanation.
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    Curve ball drill: The student becomes the teacher

    It was the "...the wrist not farther from the body than the elbow" part that seems to be violated. That's why I asked what I was missing. From the way you describe the drill, it sounds like the wrist is farther away from the body than the elbow is.
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    Curve ball drill: The student becomes the teacher

    I admit, I have not known any drills that, in themselves, violate a rule of softball but reinforce proper methodology in the whole. This may merit a thread of its own.
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    Curve ball drill: The student becomes the teacher

    Help me understand how this drill does not violate the legal delivery rule of: "The delivery must be an underhanded motion with the hand below the hip and the wrist not farther from the body than the elbow" ASA It sounds like the elbow is planted on the back of the hip and the forearm and...
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    Cut off to home plate

    Our first baseman also handles all cut offs. Picher backs up third or home as appropriate. Given a runner on third, we would throw to second to prevent batter extra bases (limit to a single) and keep the runner on third wary of a throw home. We don't typically throw to catch an agressive...
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    School me on D3 softball

    I'll give you my experience because my daughter has chosen two DIII schools. Both schools she would attend for academic reasons alone. She has been told by coaches, professors and admissions at both schools that her major (nursing) and athletics don't go together. That is why she sought DIII...
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    Exposure in upstate NY

    Update I wanted to thank all of you for the suggestions. The NFCA camp turned out to be a great success for my daughter and she got the attention from the schools in which she was interested. We were able to contact a local travel ball coach and agreed to the idea of a swap, but were never...
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    What is your best "lack of focus" story?

    My daughter was 14 and working hard on making her curve an effective pitch. During one pitching session, she threw a pitch that both broke hard and hit its target spot. In celebration, she started dancing in a circle. I was unaware of the dance and had already thrown the ball back. The timing...
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    Charging the ball

    I have used stop watch timing to great effect. I specifically time from bat hit to first base glove. This can easily be put into context because we all know a good run time from home to first. I also put them in two lines with two "first basemen" behind me. I roll two balls out of the same hand...
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    Candrea gets commitment from 14 YO, invites 10U AllStars to the stadium.

    Fron NCAA.org A verbal commitment, stating publicly one's intentions to attend a certain institution, is a non-binding, oral agreement between you and the institution. The only binding nature of the commitment is your word and the institution's promise. The National Letter of Intent program...
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    School me on D3 softball

    My DD is considering DIII only. The coaches tend to commit to players later than a DI or DII because they heve to be sure that 1) they are accepted into the school and 2) the financial aid package meets their needs. Remember, the coaches have no influence on how much aid a DIII recruit gets. One...
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    ASA's ep rule

    Being very familiar with Carolina fastpitch, BretMan is right on point. You can designate up to two additioanl players as EP's on your line up (batting 11 total). These EP's may play any defensive position without penalty of a substitution. See it regularly in NSA, see it in ASA only in...
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    Catcher signal improper?

    Let me provide an alternative solution. The revenge factor (often seen in baseball) does not have to be taken out on the players. You know that point in time where the opposing coach walks behind the catcher during in-between inning warm ups. Only seen it once but the pitcher "lost control" and...
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    Lead Runner?

    Here is how I try to teach the decision process: At the beginning of the season, I had my girls line up from fastest to slowest. The first girl is the fastest and most agressive base runner (Suzie) The middle girl is average speed and can steal on a ball in the dirt (Jane) The last is a big and...
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    Most absurd thing a coach ever said

    I know of a JV pitcher that was told the same thing but for an opposite reason. The previous game she had struck out 14 of the 15 batters she faced. The coach wanted the defense to get practice, so he told her to just put it over the plate. Pitcher replied that she didn't throw batting practice...

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