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Recent content by CMMom1740

  1. CMMom1740

    Interesting Dilemma on Roster Size and Playing Time

    All I know is that very few true A-level teams have a core of girls who've been together since 8U or 10U. Maybe 2 or 3 (coaches' daughters, usually). True A-level is much less about friendship and much more about the individual player. I'm just saying that those coaches can and do cut...
  2. CMMom1740

    How do you decide?

    Listen, if it's affecting your DD's self-esteem/confidence, I say run, don't walk. If she loves the game now but this experience is making her dread going to tournaments for fear that she'll just sit (I'm not saying that's how she feels, but she might get there if she's not yet), then it's time...
  3. CMMom1740


    I'm just a Mom, but I'm finding it interesting that DD has been told by several schools now (D1 and DIII) that her hitting is what matters; if she can hit, they will find a position for her on the field. She is a catcher, but I kind of assumed that, being a skilled position, her catching skills...
  4. CMMom1740

    Dealing with gay/bi players

    Look, there's gonna be drama regardless of orientation. There just is. My greater concern is when the drama becomes destructive or tears the team into sides. This could include, but is not limited to, exclusive cliques forming, some players covertly (or overtly) bullying or excluding one...
  5. CMMom1740

    How to scout teams from out of state

    Type their name into Facebook. They probably have a page. You may not see their record there necessarily, but you can see the girls, where they're committed (if 16U or 18U), posts re: tournament wins, etc...
  6. CMMom1740

    Dealing with gay/bi players

    At that age and depending on my child's personality (e.g., can she stand up for herself and not be coerced/pressured), I'd leave it alone. DD has a good softball friend who has recently come out as bi, and we recently hosted her for three days (she lives out of state and was in town for a...
  7. CMMom1740

    DD held to higher standard

    Yep, being the best on the team is likely to lead to complacency rather than to growth. She needs to move to a team where she's middle of the pack ability-wise.
  8. CMMom1740

    Opinions re: Game Strategy: Bush League or nah?

    Don't think that's me. The coach has mentioned her Dad in Zoom calls, but he has no involvement in coaching our team. ETA: this coach is not young. She's at least 40ish.
  9. CMMom1740

    Locker room baptisms at Texas Tech?

    As long as non-participation in these activities is not frowned upon, punished, etc.., then have at it. But even though the coach and adults may feel like it's totally voluntary and they're not requiring participation, kids may feel coerced to participate. They may believe that their coaches...
  10. CMMom1740

    Opinions re: Game Strategy: Bush League or nah?

    I totally understand still trying to hit the ball. And we had lots of hits. It was just all the base-stealing. Especially stealing home. I just felt bad for the other team. Our region has 7 teams and only four were able to field a Varsity team this year. We really needed them playing so...
  11. CMMom1740

    Opinions re: Game Strategy: Bush League or nah?

    We have a new Coach for HS this year. Don't know a ton about her background other than that she played softball in high school (pretty sure not in college) and that she has helped with coaching other teams in the past. But she has a very baseball mindset (I think maybe she assistant coached...
  12. CMMom1740

    22 players on ROSTER

    We're hearing rumblings that college rosters will be around 32-35 because of the extra year of eligibility granted to all from last spring. Not a great situation for a 21 or 22 graduate to come into. I wish they had thought that through better. But no way would I let my kid join a team with a...
  13. CMMom1740

    DD heartbroken by coach

    But there appears to be a concentrated bunch in travel softball. I think they go to the "Used Car Salesman" school of talking out of both sides of their mouths and other super shady tricks.
  14. CMMom1740

    Question for Tourney Coaches letting players sub

    I'm not a coach, but we've had a range of experiences. Some coaches encourage the girls to pick up when the team is off in order to get more reps. Some forbid picking up, usually with the explanation that they "might get hurt," but often with the real reason being that they're afraid their...
  15. CMMom1740

    DD heartbroken by coach

    I hate to say this, but get used to it. There are some treacherous jerks in travel softball. DD will be 17 as of Saturday and we've run into these guys time and time again. Sometimes we figured out their jedi mind tricks beforehand and avoided it, but sometimes we got suckered in. All I know...

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