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    Overhand throwing mechanics

    Thanks DRDRODD, appreciate all the feedback. What you wrote sounds a lot like what she's working on for hitting... Figuring out how to get tension in her core and getting better with weight transfer. Are these mechanisms pretty similar for hitting and throwing?
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    Overhand throwing mechanics

    Thanks so much for posting this!
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    Overhand throwing mechanics

    Can I get some feedback on this video versus the one I originally posted? Looks like we've made progress with her elbow not coming as far forward, but not much improvement with the international rotation of the rear leg that Gags mentioned above? Thank you for the help. Sorry about the video...
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    High Level swing

    This was very helpful Eric, it's great to hear some personal experience! Thanks!
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    High Level swing

    Can you tell me what the TM stands for so I can read more about that? I googled TM swing but nothing came up.
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    High Level swing

    Well, I'm not entirely sure. A coach told me he teaches the high level pattern swing that some of the Division 1 programs are teaching. Please forgive my ignorance on this, but is there a certain type of swing that is taught to most softball players? Is there one that is used by more elite...
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    High Level swing

    I spoke to a coach recently who said he teaches the high level swing pattern that Richard Schenk uses. I'm curious to how common this is and any pros and cons. Thanks!
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    High Level swing

    Feel free to explain why or why not you are teaching/learning this method.
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    I'm actually seeing the opposite. In Michigan all K-12 schools are on mandatory closure for a few weeks and I've noticed several training facilties increasing their offerings with daily athletic camps, limited to around 10-15 people.
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    Softball news articles

    Post the stories you run across here https://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/college/university-michigan/2020/03/12/this-unfathomable-michigan-wolverines-softball-coach-carol-hutchins-breaks-news-sports-shutdown-play/5038729002/
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    Seasons and Tourneys Cancelled?

    My oldest daughter plays LAX at an NAIA college in Indiana. Classes are going online, but athletics continue. Many kids are leaving campus, but the dorms are open to athletes and kids who can't get home. No change in practice or game schedule. My other daughters tournament was cancelled this...
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    finally got Instagram what/who are some absolute must follows?

    Dominate the Diamond has lots of drills
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    COVID-19 and Softball

    Haven't heard anything from the high schools yet but here is what Indiana USSSA put out:
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    What makes you lose your mind?

    When DD was in high school, they had a game where they were getting slaughtered. At the end of game one of the outfielders ran back to the dugout doing cartwheels 😮😮
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    What makes you lose your mind?

    Or, holds the ball and then instead of throwing it, tries to run it in. Aggghhhh!

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