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Recent content by Chris8

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    Wish me luck brothers!

    You'll do great, no doubt. But even better a quality guy giving back to the sport when your DD isn't involved. That only helps the sport and other girls. In advance... Thank you!
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    Another "fun" tournament-Wildness ensued!

    make the sacrifice for the good of DFP. Sometimes we need a good laugh! Share away
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    Seeding based on points in the FALL!?!

    What kind of credits at the snack bar?...i mean this may have some merit! :ROFLMAO:
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    DD held to higher standard

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    Locker room baptisms at Texas Tech?

    YES! This exactly. HA HA.
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    Opinions re: Game Strategy: Bush League or nah?

    Agreed. Been on both sides of this. When on the loosing side...my approach was not to be upset at the other team...but to tell our team...our job is to stop them. And if we're over matched...well...we're over matched...but it is not the other teams fault for playing the game. I'll agree there...
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    Opinions re: Game Strategy: Bush League or nah?

    here's my thoughts. I agree the score was lopsided and on the surface it looks bad. you weren't there you watched on GC. So how it all went down...you weren't there to see it unfold. They did get all players in the game..... Players who just got in the game and haven't played don't want...
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    22 players on ROSTER

    Substitution rules are also different as well a pitcher leaves they can't return to the mound either.
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    after game thoughts, ideas, etc

    Knew a 10u coach who gave out beads and each girl had a lanyard on their bat bag to put the beads on. Each coach had a bead to award and hand out. They made sure every girls was included along the way. obviously some got more than others but no one was left with just "one" bead at the end of...
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    Is schadenfreude OK?

    YES! But never against the girls. Always wish/hope for them to land in a better situation. Girls that want to play should be able to find a place to play, regardless of level A/B/C/Rec. They just deserve quality coaching and human beings leading their efforts. But when jackwagons...
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    At what point does chanting go from annoying to un sportsmanlike?

    3-2 what do you do? ha ha ha ha ...can't get this one out of my head 6 years later...
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    Do I make the choice for my player?

    Her journey, not yours. We believe with our DD she has the decision. We are there for guidance and to help her navigate the pros/cons and decisions. Obviously if we knew of a unsafe coach or such we have veto power. She just made a tough team change leaving two BFF's. Same level of teams...
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    At what point do you, or you DD decide that she's not going to make it as a pitcher?

    Fail? Success: the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal Is she getting better, is she having fun, does she enjoy it....is she building mental toughness to pitch through bad innings, bad fielding, deal with outcomes that are not a result of her efforts but affect her none the less? Are...
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    At what point do you, or you DD decide that she's not going to make it as a pitcher?

    WHOA. 10YO....let me repeat 10YO. WAY TO EARLY TO THROW IN THE TOWEL. As someone else mentioned. What does your DD want to do? My DD at 10U (league age 9) made a Little League allstar team as likely the 12/13th player. She "pitched" wanted to pitch in Allstars. Worked at home, went early...
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    Drinking coach gone too far? What next?

    As a coach.....I'd remove this coach from the staff immediately. However...I suspect that they HC (if he's not the HC) already had knowledge of bad behaviors...so they are looking the other way. I'd remove him just for the drinking part alone. I don't want anyone injured/killed because I had...