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Recent content by burlap1980

  1. burlap1980

    2020 Ghost Advanced

    Whoa whoa whoa Core pump the breaks I think most missed that last sentence. Are you saying they are coming out with a USA only model of the ghost again in march? Or did I miss read that?
  2. burlap1980

    Best bat for a slapper/most balanced bat?

    The drop 11 is still the slapper just doesn't say it any more just like the FNX is the insane without the insane name still an end loaded bat.
  3. burlap1980

    Different tee types worth getting?

    Currently own a backspin tee tanner tee and bownet tee. Use all three equal all have held up fine in my opinion. If your a get on top of the ball kinda coach steer clear of the backspin and launch angle tee. If you teach more hitting the bottom half of the ball then definitely the backspin tee...
  4. burlap1980

    String King "the bat that saves your wallet "

    Here is a second video ment to post it yesterday forgot.
  5. burlap1980

    String King "the bat that saves your wallet "

    Before anyone says it yes I know this is a baseball bat BUT if it can catch traction and be successful vs the big dogs maybe a product like this is what our wallets have been looking for. String king makes Lacrosse sticks have good reviews on amazon so be interesting to see where this goes...
  6. burlap1980

    The little guys(BATS)

    What's your thoughts on it. 2 valid questions
  7. burlap1980

    The little guys(BATS)

    We talk many times on this forum about the big players in the game Easton Louisville Slugger Rawlings Demarini Mizuno the list goes on. But has anyone tried the smaller companies such as Dirty South Dngr Kamo Midnight Lady swag Monsta M-18 M-20 Video of the new m-20 exit speeds test vs name...
  8. burlap1980

    New catchers gear certification

    I would assume this is the same for softball as well? https://www.justbatreviews.com/blog/cathers-gear-certifications/
  9. burlap1980

    Best Bat

    DD personally loved her 2014 LXT just out grew it
  10. burlap1980

    Usssa stamp changing

    Was talking to a buddy of mine and he told me that the usssa 2021 stamp will be the end of the 2014 stamp and will begin with a new stamp.
  11. burlap1980

    2020 Ghost Advanced

    Here is why it has me intrigued. My DD just had an injury to her tfcc late last year and has been working back all this spring from it. Inside pitches absolutely tear her up now. She swings mostly the asa ghost so I'm looking at it from the vibration damping aspect.
  12. burlap1980

    2020 Demarini FNX

    By the video says it's the insane replacement
  13. burlap1980

    2020 Demarini FNX

    Anyone have any word on this bat?
  14. burlap1980

    Monsta Hype FP

    Well according to Carl's post it didn't pass testing and they have to tweak it yet again. While my enthusiasm for the bat is starting to diminish I will probably still pick on up down the line.

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