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  1. Bubrox

    Funny pick up on the mic during a nice play

    On a couple of my daughters College games, we've had to text someone we knew at the game and tell them to tell the people closest to the camera on the backstop that we can hear every word they're saying and some of it isn't nice.
  2. Bubrox

    How many TB teams has/did your DD play for?

    DD2 played rec league while on her 10U team just to get more pitching time. She was an 03 on a 01 10U team and was the 5th pitcher. It helped her progress a lot.
  3. Bubrox

    How many TB teams has/did your DD play for?

    DD2 played on 3 teams in 10U after the 1st team "blew up". Then got on a team and has been with the same Coaches for the last 7 years. DD2 and another really good player has been with the team the longest. Fun watching those 2 play all these years.
  4. Bubrox


    That's a war club for sure! What was the pitching distance back then? 45ft?
  5. Bubrox

    ...also this weekend

    Seen a few umps that would go with your sarcastic answer......
  6. Bubrox

    Congratulations to all of our DFP athletes on NLI signing day!

    We just had DD2's signing this morning. Her HS coach, travel coach, badminton coach and former and current hitting coaches were all there. So glad to finally get to this day! Congrats to all who signed today!
  7. Bubrox

    What is your number one reason you do this?

    You need a "All of the above" in your poll. Lol. Our journey includes everything in your poll. Especially the hating money part! The scholarship is the icing on the cake!
  8. Bubrox

    Catching at Pitching Private Lessons

    We always take the pitcher and catcher to Dutch Bros. for a drink after lessons. Lately I've been giving the young girl that is catching for DD2, 20 bucks. All the catchers we have used over the years have been happy with the drink afterwards.
  9. Bubrox

    Opinions on Evo shield leg guards

    Only issue DD2 has had is the strap that goes under the cleat tears fairly easy. When she wears the guard she doesn't foul any off her leg. When she doesn't wear it. Boom! Off the leg. Lol
  10. Bubrox

    Ronald McDonald Tourney

    Rain rain go away.........no girls playing today from the info I'm getting
  11. Bubrox

    Can remember pitches intentionally thrown at...

    DD2 has a bruise on her pitching arm from a HPB and she WAS trying to get out of the way. Lucky it was the fleshy part but it's a dandy!
  12. Bubrox

    ARIZONA whats happening

    Here's the list of 18U teams Arizona Fall Invitational Accepted Teams (as of 9-28-20) TOURNAMENT FULL 18u AZ Hotshots Davis/Downes AZ Arizona Storm Appel AZ Arizona Storm Mathis AZ Li’l Saints Gold AZ Arizona Hotshots Gold Georges AZ Oro Valley Suncats Judge AZ Oro Valley Suncats...
  13. Bubrox

    Ronald McDonald Tourney

    For those flying in real late. You won't be able to get a rental car after 10 P.M. I believe. DW found out the hard way 2 weeks ago. She changed her flight to arrive earlier this week for Ronald McDonald.
  14. Bubrox

    Can remember pitches intentionally thrown at...

    IMO, I think they should bring back the rule "Must make an attempt to move out of the way". Too many girls are taught today not to move when the ball is coming at them. My DD is a pitcher and gets hit from time to time and she doesn't want to get hit by the ball. A couple times she was hit...
  15. Bubrox

    ARIZONA whats happening

    Supposed to be 102-104 this weekend. Top teams coming over from Cali. to play in Peoria.

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