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    How do you decide?

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    How do you decide?

    Not to be rude or argumentative but how do they get better? Playing games? If they are not good then how will games make them better? If the player is a SS she may have 4 opportunities to field ground balls during a game. During a practice she may get 100 balls hit to her. If she is a pitcher...
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    Funny pick up on the mic during a nice play

    Over the years I've edited out some pretty nasty audio. One game in particular parents from the opposing team pulled me aside after a drag out game and politely asked me to not post the audio. I posted the game with video only. Never did listen to what they were saying.
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    Pitchers and bunion surgery

    Hi No, not yet. Still thinking it over. I will keep ya posted
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    It's that time again!

    Were not going but many are waiting for schedules
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    It's that time again!

    never fails!
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    Needs to put in the work!!

    A lot depends on the kid. Some girls feel pressure to practice as it comes from their coaches, others feel pressure after failure between the lines. At age 12 there are starting to become competing interests for her time as she gets older this will become even more intense, think job, social...
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    Probably headed for some heat for this one but parents relax! Was at a showcase this weekend and while walking by a game during our break I witnessed 2 parents (husband and wife I assume) arguing that he didn't press record and they missed video for their DDs game. I look at the back stop and...
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    Can remember pitches intentionally thrown at...

    Sure! Give me a little time Remodeling kitchen after a weekend at the fields
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    Can remember pitches intentionally thrown at...

    DD waa second year 12U playing a "Proud" team from NJ. The head of their large org was running this team, I assume since his DD was on the team. Two weeks prior we were rained out at the fields we were planning to play in PA and last minute traveled to NJ to play in this teams own tournament...
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    At what point do you, or you DD decide that she's not going to make it as a pitcher?

    Awesome! Heard she's doing great! Get rid of outcome based thinking, focus on the process and keep working and watch the magic happen!
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    Good deal at the Myrtle Beach outlet

    Great deal! I love that store. Always visit when we are in Myrtle and I always leave with swag!
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    Hitting Really Fast Pitchers

    Sometimes mechanics breakdown when speed increases. Take video of swings during games. If mechanics breakdown then they won't hit speed no matter how much practice.
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    DD held to higher standard

    Some coaches who have kids on the team feel like they're under the microscope because of the daddy ball stereotype. DD has played for coaches with kids on the team who were fair to the point where you never knew who the parent was and also on a team where everyone knew it was daddy ball USA...
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    Are you coaching the team or individuals?

    If the parents trust you their kids will stay with you. Despite the notion that all parents are dopes and have no idea what they're talking about, many do understand the game and and the process. It's easy for a coach to say "parents are idiots and move their kids all the time". Some do for...