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  1. bmd

    Transitioning to 12 inch ball

    Don't make it a big deal to your dd. When my dd moved back.... the pitching rubber in the yard was pushed back without her know. After her first pitch session. I said you threw good today. Did you know you were 5 feet further back? She said no. I said well you should be just fine. biggest...
  2. bmd

    Pitching training program

    Its not about quantity its about quality. I have never counted how many pitches my dd has ever thrown in a practice session. There is no magical number. At your dd's age 30 mechanically sound pitches a session is far better than 100 not so sound. As they tire form breaks down. Stop the...
  3. bmd


    Honestly I do not think you have enough info to conclude "probably nothing". I love your posts. You very helpful. And I am very thankful for this site and posters like yourself. But sometimes posts like these can be taken in a negative way.
  4. bmd

    Bruising Hip Help

    Hows it going? My dd went the same issue. Here is in interesting thread regarding the same http://discussfastpitch.com/posts/355258
  5. bmd

    Arm circle problems

    this video changed my dd's pitching life a few years ago. I am so thankful for this site and the helpful posters
  6. bmd

    Best drills for 6-8 year olds to learn IR?

    This very video turned light bulbs on for my dd a long time ago.
  7. bmd

    list of NCAA and NPF pitchers that are I/R ambasadors

    But outside of her quirky wind up Rachel Garcia has great mechanics
  8. bmd

    list of NCAA and NPF pitchers that are I/R ambasadors

    Most every pitcher that is successful beyond 12U
  9. bmd

    dd want to move to pitch only

    Not so much anymore. She used to really hit the ball.
  10. bmd

    dd want to move to pitch only

    My biggest concern is putting all eggs in one basket. She is a good fielder and has worked hard. At one point she didn't get to pitch much because she was more valuable on the field. Now the tables have turned I guess. I just need to accept and hope that she is making the right choice. Its...
  11. bmd

    Ulnar nerve translocation surgery

    This is great news! Thanks for the update. I hope she continues to heal and get better and is able to get back in the circle with no pain!
  12. bmd

    dd want to move to pitch only

    Ocasio is her hero.
  13. bmd

    dd want to move to pitch only

    She wants to focus on only pitching. last fall her travel ball coach rested her on less important games and used her in bracket games. She came out and looked fresh focused and had success. She was worn not out from playing ss or 3rd earlier in the day. She said it felt great and loved it...
  14. bmd

    dd want to move to pitch only

    I think I may need to give more information. My daughter is 16 and in the 10th grade.
  15. bmd

    dd want to move to pitch only

    Please tell me when this is the best choice. For years my dd has put in work at ss and 3rd and pitch and hit. Now she just wants to pitch. She wants to go to a small college where I think the more versatile player the better chances she has. I need advice on how to handle! help me please

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