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Recent content by bcc69

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    Ivy question

    diamond14, has your daughter tried to call or email the coaches at the Ivy camp she attended? Has she emailed grades and tests scores. My daughter is at an Ivy and she informed me that 2021s have had official visits this fall, and are attending camps. The 2020 class has been set at her...
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    Late bloomer

    Spend some time during one of her vacations, to visit some of the schools that she is interested in. That should help narrow down the field and really focus on the schools and coaches that she wants to be recruited by.
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    How soon after a college camp should a high school student email the coach?

    This is a great idea. When my daughter was going through the recruiting process she mailed the coach a letter and even sent her a holiday card. Coaches definitely remember things that stand out.
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    So Cal Ellie

    You can simulate the pitching motion while feeding the machine. Hold one ball in your left hand by the chute. Hold another ball in your right hand. Go into a pitching motion with the right arm then let go of the ball with your left hand when the right reaches it.
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    recruiting question

    If she’s gone on a couple official visits, then she’s doing something right. Those schools are interested. Again, if her TB coach isn’t her advocate, then I would switch teams.
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    2020 Easton Ghost

    Just got off the phone with my daughter who plays for a D1 school. They are switching to Easton this season from Louisville. She was able to hit the Easton Ghost Advanced. She says she likes it. This is coming from a kid who has been a die hard Xeno/LXT fan since 2012.
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    Camp/showcase conflict question

    D1 coaches can only attend showcases for 6 weeks starting on October 19. September showcases are not well attended
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    LS RXT

    I Believe so
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    LS RXT

    My daughter hit the 2018 PXT for a while. She says the RXT is a completely different bat. Has way more pop, and as you can clearly see, it's balanced.
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    New catcher's mitt decision

    My DD used the liberty during first year 12s and part of the second year. The mitt became floppy and the laces broke after 1 1/2 years. I got her the Mizuno while I was having the Liberty relaced. I had the Mizuno steamed and conditioned with the Mizuno strong oil. It was game ready after a...
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    Jen Schroeder - The Packaged Deal

    In regards to the throwing hand position during a block I don't feel there's any more danger in Jen's technique vs. NECC. A good catcher should have her throwing hand behind the mitt before the takes a swing. If you look at the video you posted you notice the quick and short movement of the hand...
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    Jen Schroeder - The Packaged Deal

    My DD is a catcher and plays 14u travel ball in SoCal. I have pretty much seen the best catchers in her age group and have never seen one of them use the NECC runners on position. I don't recall seeing any of the top college catcher use the NECC technique either. Personally, I believe setting...
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    Throwing Drill Needed – Elbow parallel to ground

    My 10 yr old DD had the same problem. This past fall she started taking lessons for catching. Her coach had me purchase a ThrowMax to help her keep the elbow up. She also informed my DD, that when she was younger, she had a similar problem which lead to shoulder surgery. Those 2 things and...
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    Recommend beginner's catching equipment set

    One of my catchers bought the Adidas set during the spring season. I noticed she got new leg guards this past weekend. Her mom said the velcro wore out and would not hold any more. She probably got 60 games out of it.
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    How do you hit the unhittable? Please help!

    Our girls played against the "unhittable" pitcher today. We got down 6-1, but rallied for 5 in the last inning to tie it. We went into tie breaker mode, only to lose it thanks to 3 blown calls by the ump. We brought out the radar gun today. For the record, the "unhittable" pitcher, topped...

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