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  1. BB875

    HS "Rebuilding" Strategy

    As a HS coach, I would never share that info with parents. It makes no sense. Watch the kids to support them and encourage them to keep working hard...The actual season is a long way from August... A million things can happen in that time period - I'd keep my mouth shut and evaluate the kids...
  2. BB875

    DFP DD College List

    Jessi Butler #3, catcher, freshman, Kirkwood Community College, Cedar Rapids, IA
  3. BB875

    Reality has sunk in for DD1

    Bob - if your daughter is the best player on her team (and she is determined to become a better ball player), you need to find a new team. Find one where she isn't the top player. That will push her in a direction she can see immediately. I really don't like the "A/B/C" labels on teams. Its...
  4. BB875

    MizzouSoftball's Ehren Earleywine Relieved of Coaching Duties

    This discussion is very interesting to me as a coach. I started to write a long reply. But here is the litmus test. Do you treat your players like subordinates at work? (yes/no) If you treated co-workers the way you treat your players, would you be fired immediately? (yes/no). Forget about...
  5. BB875

    Bunt and run

    My take is this. Many old school coaches follow the rule, "Get em on, bunt em over, drive em in". Many times you can manufacture a run with a runner on 2nd. I like the "bunt & run" play with runner thinking 3rd base. Fast runner on first gets a good jump with the pitch; and a well placed...
  6. BB875

    HS Coach Ruined players Senior Season

    Exactly. Every position is responsible to someone. In this case, the AD is responsible to the Superintendent or School Board. Great advice.
  7. BB875

    Don't swing at a change-up with less than 2 strikes?

    I teach my hitters to look for "their" pitch when they step into the box. Don't waste your at bat on a marginal pitch. All pitchers like to get ahead in the count so expect a first pitch strike. However, if its not your pitch let it go. If its a CU, let it go...That's why we get 3 strikes...
  8. BB875

    High School coaches

    I have coached both TB & HS. This is my 2nd year as a HS coach. The two are NOT the same. First of all, you just don't coach in HS. All of the administrative tasks are just as important as winning. As a TB head coach I was accountable to myself. My abilities as a coach attract (or deter)...
  9. BB875

    Forum for advice for MS and early HS players wanting to play college ball?

    I got a kick out of Dusty. However, all the advice here is from real life experiences and its all FREE! So, take what you want and ignore the rest. My examples are from my tow older DDs. DD#1 was a complete stud, but hated classwork. She played 1 year at D2 with a 2/3 scholarship as a SS...
  10. BB875

    High school ball

    Not intending to hijack this thread. But, good question on recruiting. In state clubs normally hit the fall showcases only. Of course that really limits their exposure. Recently, a few clubs are putting teams together for Colorado in July & the kids are either missing high school games or...
  11. BB875

    High school ball

    In Iowa, we start our season on May 7th, State concludes July 20th. Maximum games = 40 + 3 scrimmages. This does not count regionals (3) or state games (3). Teams that make it to state could play up to 46 games, plus those 3 scrimmages. Individual players can play JV & Varsity, and are...
  12. BB875

    how to open mind assess your DD ability ?

    We took my TB team to 2 different NAIA & 1 DIII school this fall where we played round-robin tourneys as showcase events on the college fields. We asked the college coaches/players to talk to the TB teams/parents about playing college softball & recruiting. We did this at all 3 schools & all 3...
  13. BB875

    Classless or part of the Game?

    I told my batters she is not selling her off-speed pitch, but I did not call out a signal when I saw it comming. I have played other teams where the coach stands way down the line so he can try to get a glimpse of the pitchers glove. Then he yells out their last name (or some other sign) to...
  14. BB875

    Classless or part of the Game?

    This thread has really gotten off track for sure. My only comment which seems irrelevant now happend when my DD#2 was 10U (she started college this year). I was the HC on our TB team. We were playing in a pretty tight game and the parents ont he opposing team were cheerring EXTREMELY loud...
  15. BB875

    Coached against

    I avoided that situation this year. I took over as HC of a local HS. DD#2 was a senior at a different HS. My team is a smaller classification, DDs is the highest (Iowa 2A & 5A) so were not in the same classification. Historically, these two teams played every year at least once. I told my...

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