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Recent content by Addie22

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    I would like to order 2 custom fastpitch gloves ASAP so we can get them broken in with the...

    I would like to order 2 custom fastpitch gloves ASAP so we can get them broken in with the delayed start to the season if you can help please get ahold of me on here or call 815-343-0467 thanks Charlie
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    Liberty Advanced Issues

    The model is RLA Thanks Great Suggestion but I’ve cleaned and conditioned
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    Liberty Advanced Issues

    Thanks I have no real Vinci preference I was personally a Rawlings fan and decided to order a custom Vinci 1B mitt all leather no mesh. Not sure I am sold on the mesh? Also do any girls play third with a 12.5 as it will spend most of its time in the circle.
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    Liberty Advanced Issues

    Does anyone else have issues with the ball popping out while fielding ground balls? I am sure some of this is operator error, but more balls seem to pop free than I think should. The glove is well broken in. DD is 11 TB A/B level player and has primarily used it as a pitching glove but is...
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    Need pitching coach

    Thanks for the reply and all of the great info I will consider the road trip.
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    Need pitching coach

    Thank you I was considering Tincher methods.
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    Hello All, I’ve reading for a little while and enjoy learning from others who have been through this before. I have 2 TB girls one 9yo Catcher playing 10-u and an 11yo Pitcher playing 11-u in the Southwest Chicago suburbs.
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    Need pitching coach

    Hello All, Brand new to the sight and looking for some help in finding a pitching coach in the south western Chicago suburbs. DD just turned 11 and has been pitching for 3 years with great success at the B and C levels in 10-U and had a good 11-U fall, the problem being through my own ignorance...