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Recent content by Acschiropractic1

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    Is this paint or a Crack?

    She is a slapper but does do a lot of tee work. 5'2 105 pounds, pure speed and definitely not a power hitter but she does say she doesn't feel a weight difference in the 2 bats. I was concerned with going from a 31/20 to a 32/22 adding length and weight but I'm pretty sure she can handle it...
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    Mizuno Release

    My DD switched from a LXT to PC and loves it.
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    Is this paint or a Crack?

    Core, Would moving to a 32 -10 instead of a -11 be less likely to Crack? I understand cracked bats will happen when they are making the barrels as thin as possible that's why I bought 2 from you in case we ran into this during high school season. She went from a 31 -11 in lxt to the 32 -11 in...
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    Is this paint or a Crack?

    Dammit second one in 4 months. Glad I bought a backup!
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    Is this paint or a Crack?

    Is this a Crack or just the paint?
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    Fastpitch Showdowns?

    Played their nationals 2 years ago. It was very organized all fields were turf and had good competition from everywhere in Midwest and Canada.
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    2021 Mizuno Power Carbons

    Played first tournament with the new power carbon. Daughter loves it! The lxt and cf have been put on cage status.
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    Power carbon vs lxt

    Which bat swings lighter or is true to actual weight?
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    Slapper bat

    Anyone know which bat has the longest barrel length between mizuno, demarini and Louisville?
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    Drakemir finally answered me 2+ months after I got my DD vinci🤷‍♂️
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    Anna’s dad - Bradley glove

    damn autocorrect should be a youth stall and it is a possible backup for DD
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    Anna’s dad - Bradley glove

    Anna’s dad. My DD absolutely loves the Vinci 1961 12.5 outfielders mitt you recommended. It’s already Nice and broke in. I took your advice and had it replaced. Unfortunately looking at your post I’ve developed a glove addiction and couldn’t resist this one. Here’s a pick of it for you should...

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