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Recent content by 19catches

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    How to break the news?

    Looks as though your tryouts are later in the month. It might be good idea to let those two players know in advance so they can tryout for other teams. I think you owe that to them. On the other hand you want to be sure the new players coming to tryouts are better and have already committed...
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    Rec Ball Nightmare

    It is a sad day when a coach allows his players and/or their parents to be such bad sports. Maybe thats why they are not on a higher level team. I am a board member of a small Athletic Assn that promotes Rec softball/baseball. We would never allow that type of behavior in our little slice of...
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    Another Play at the Plate...

    Sounds like the UTRIP umps we had. A ball was hit down the line clearly in foul territory the third base coach even touched the ball and the man in RED called FAIR BALL. I am an ump so I usually don't say much to the officials. I did explain that a fair ball is never a vocal call and since...