Softball Q & A - Training Parachute


I was considering "parachute races" to increase speed on the base paths. Anyone ever use a training parachute?


These speed chutes are designed to increase resistance as one's sprinting. It does primarily two things: a) teaches the body to use all of its muscles to overcome resistance and build speed and b) strengthen running muscles. Just like any training aid, it aids in teaching the body to run a little faster.

So, I'd say "Yes, speed races using the chutes" can help build faster players and will be fun and challenging for them.

However, I'd also emphasize learning proper running mechanics and also working on actually learning the mechanics of baserunning as running fast and running the bases well are two distincts quality. Make sure to work on a) running the bases well (rounding, jumps, picking up coaches, etc.), b) sliding and c) reading and reactions well to various game situations.

And do quite a bit of speed ladder drills to. You may want to get my Speed Ladder Drills DVD for help:

Coach Marc